Top 5 Gaming Phones to Look Forward to in 2023

Updated on: Jan 1, 2023 1:25 pm IST

  • Smartphones have revolutionized the gaming market. It is because of their powerful processors, high-definition displays, abounding space in their RAM, and high refresh rates on their screens.

    Cloud gaming and application-based gaming have given a new hit to the gaming phone market. Wherever you are going and staying does not matter; your handheld device keeps you engaged in virtual and realistic games.

    Buying a cheap or expensive smartphone is not a worthy decision. You should be careful about its affordability, performance, and life. We have a surprise for you if you have an adequate budget to get a real-life-based gaming experience. We’ve gathered the catalog of the top 5 upcoming gaming phones worth your money. 

    Top 5 Gaming Phones Upcoming in 2023

    Wait a bit more! These phones will be available soon. But be prepared to put them on a to-do list for your future purchases.

    1. ASUS ROG Phone 5

    ASUS is one of the biggest players in developing electronic gadgets, especially mobiles, computers, and laptops. It continuously focuses on the accentuation of a realistic gaming experience through its technology. You can see its latest mobile development for gaming is 

    ASUS ROG Phone 5: Specifications

    Display 6.78” FHD + AMOLED, 144 Hz
    Processor Snapdragon 888
    Storage 128 GB
    RAM 8 GB
    Rear Camera 64 + 13 + 5 MP
    Front Camera 24 MP
    Battery 6,000 mAh
    Weight 242-gram
    Operating System Android 11
    Price (Rs) 41,999


    Samsung is a multinational corporation best known for its branded tech phones, particularly for its high-quality cameras and extensive gaming resources. In the upcoming year 2023, Samsung will come out with a ground-breaking smartphone to fulfill the desires of gamers.

    SAMSUNG GALAXY S22 PLUS: Specifications

    Peak Refresh Rate 120 Hz
    Display 6.6-inch Dynamic AMOLED
    CPU Snapdragon 8 Gen 1
    RAM 8 GB
    Storage 128 GB/ 256 GB
    Battery Life (Hrs: Mins) 9:46
    Battery 4500 mAh
    Camera (Back/Front) 50 MP Wide / 10 MP Telephoto

    12 MP Ultrawide / 10 MP

    Price (Rs) 88,999

    3. Google Pixel 6 Pro

    Google is also known as a search engine among its audience. Besides, the Android operating system is part of its technology. In the next year, 2023, it will penetrate our market with the latest technology.

    Google Pixel 6 Pro: Specifications

    Operating System Android 11
    Display  6.7 inch
    Battery Life ( Hrs: Mins) 7:49
    CPU  Tensor
    RAM  12 GB
    Storage  128 GB /256 GB / 512 GB
    Rear Cameras  50 MP Main / 12 MP Ultrawide
    Battery Life (Hrs: Mins) 7:49
    Price (Rs) 67,880

    4. iPhone Pro Max

    iPhone is one of the most reputed brands for selling a comprehensive range of smartphones but with a few high scores in budget. 

    iPhone Pro Max: Specifications

    Display 6.7 inch OLED ( 2778X1284)
    Peak Refresh Rate 120 Hz
    CPU A 15 Bionic
    RAM 6 GB
    Storage 128 GB / 256 GB / 1 TB
    Cameras (Back/Front) 12 MP Main, Ultrawide, Telephoto

    12 MP Weight, 8.5 ounces

    Battery Life 22 hrs
    Water-Resistant Rated IP68
    Price (Rs) 1,19,900

    5. One Plus 10 Pro

    One Plus builds smartphones that are sought after by a global audience. Here is an upcoming handheld phone for gaming-specific purposes.

    One Plus 10 Pro: Specifications

    GPU Snapdragon 8 Gen 1
    RAM 8 GB, 12 GB
    Storage 128 GB / 256 GB
    Front Camera 32 MP
    Rear Camera 48 MP, 50 MP Ultrawide
    Item Weight 200 gram
    Display 6.7 inch AMOLED (3216 X 1440)
    Battery Life (Hrs: Mins) 11:52
    Price (Rs) 61,999


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