Top Three Free Fire Hacks Every Player Must Know

Updated on: Jan 9, 2023 9:07 pm IST

  • It is wrong to say every game is won through luck. Rather than this statement, your end result depends on what strategy you have implemented or your in-depth knowledge.

    Garena Free Fire is one of them, in which you dominate your competitors by following some considerations and choosing the right gear, camps, loot, and guns.

    We have curated three algorithms to not only sustain for the long term but also defeat your rivals as well. Here is the list.

    1. Do Not Get into Every Firefight

    An aggressive attitude may be harmful in terms of accomplishing long-term goals. It means not involving yourself in every series of battles and choosing your opponents wisely.

    In some fights, you have to engage with two or more opponents; leave these types of rounds if you do not have a proper backup or squad.

    2. Never Go for Looting Big Hauls

    As we know very well, greediness is a disaster in our world. As a result, avoid going after big rewards and lucrative surprises; these could be tactics used by your competitors to lure you into open ground. In this way, they can target you conveniently.

    Examine your surroundings carefully and make progress by analyzing your situation. You can take a chance to eat up these loots if you have a team to back you up. 

    3. Garner EP as Much as You Can

    EP is a type of resource that returns you to another survival mode. Whenever your rivals attack you, you will lose your lifelines. In this case, your EP turns into HP and comes back to boost your lifeline.

    You would use bonfire items or consume mushrooms strewn throughout the map to stock up on EP. After slaying your opponents, you will gather 80 EP.

    Final Points

    These three tips will guide you from a novice or beginner level to a well-versed player, allowing you to gain a significant advantage over your competitors. 


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