PUBG Lite APK Download Link – Where to find ?

Updated on: Aug 13, 2021 5:41 pm IST

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    PUBG Lite APK Download Link – For Windows, Android, iOS, and Mac, PUBG Mobile Lite is a lighter version of the popular battle royale game. Tencent Games’ application took the world by storm and became tremendously popular in countries and continents all over the world. However, numerous customers noticed crashes or slowness on older Android devices. As a result, the company developed this version to cater to people who possess low-cost or low-end handsets. Third-party websites provide easy access to the PUBG Lite APK Download Link.

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    PUBG Lite APK Download Link 

    The latest version for PUBG Mobile Lite is now available, and users can get it via the Google Play Store. Players who are unable to obtain the game through Google Play can instead use alternative download links.

    How about the game itself?

    In the Android game’s lighter version, you can pick between two gaming modes: Arcade and Classic. While the older version can accommodate up to seventy gamers at once, the latter only allows for sixty players every round. Only one map can be used in the Classic version. In addition, there is no ‘Quick Chat’ in the lighter edition of the battle royale game.

    What makes PUBG Mobile Lite unique?

    Certain tools in PUBG Mobile Lite have been scaled back to let the game run smoothly on low-end or budget Android phones. The graphics and colors are reminiscent of the game’s early editions to reduce the burden on the operating system. As a result, the quality of various places, maps, characters, and textures is low. The ‘Settings’ menu has also changed, with fewer languages now available.


    PUBG LITE is a new free version of the PUBG game that features scaled-down graphics and is optimized for cell phones with lower-end specifications. To become a pro player in the game, you should join as soon as possible, and if you join before the start of the season, you will have a pre-season practice that will help you in the live season rank push.

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