TAM Playing 7 2023, Full Squad of Tamil Thalaivas and Top Fantasy Kabaddi Picks

Updated on: Nov 20, 2023 9:49 am IST

Last season Tamim Thalaivas managed to qualify for the playoffs for the first time in the league’s history. Despite the injury to Pawan Sehrawat the team managed to put up a good performance. This year they have released Pawan Sehrawat and have brought in plenty of youngsters in the Auction. Narender Kandola was retained and the squad has been built around him.

Playing 7 of Tamil Thailavas

  1. Narender Kandola
  2. Mohit Jakhar
  3. M Abishek
  4. Ajinkya Pawar
  5. Selvamani K
  6. Sahil Gulia
  7. Sagar Rathee

Full Squad of Tamil Thalaivas

Raiders: Ajinkya Pawar (Left Raider), Himanshu Narwal (Left Raider), Narendra Kandola (Left Raider), Himanshu Tushir (Right Raider), Ke. Selvamani (Right Raider), Vishal Chahal (Right Raider), Nitin Singh (Right Raider), Jatin Fogat (Right Raider), M. Lakshman (Right Raider), and Satish Kannan (Right Raider).

Defenders: Sagar Rathi (Right Corner), Himanshu Yadav (Left Corner), M. Abhishek (Right Cover), Sahil Gulia (Left Corner), Mohit Jakhar (Left Cover), Ashish Malik (Left Cover), Amirhossein Bastami (Right Corner), Nitesh Kumar (Left Corner), Raunak Kharb (Right Cover), and Mohammadreza Kabodrahangi (Left Corner).

All-Rounder: Ritik

Top Fantasy Kabbadi Picks

1. Narender Kandola

Narender Kandola will be the lead raider for Tamil Thalaivas in this edition. He was in top form last season where he earned 249 points in 23 matches with a raid success rate of 60% and his tackle strike rate was 38%. All eyes will be on him and he will be a threat for opposition teams.

2. Sahil Gulia

Sahil Gulia is expected to play as the Left corner and he had a good season with the Tamil Thalaivas last time around with 57 points in 23 matches. He had a tackle success rate of 47%  and the defender has kept improving his game season after season. Sahil Gulia will look to better his numbers and play a key role in this edition.

3. Ajinkya Pawar

Ajinkya Pawar earned 141 points for Tamil Thalaivas last season and played a very critical role after Pawan Sehrawat got injured. He will form a good pair with Narender Kandola and will be eyeing to have a 200 point mark for this season.

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