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CAR vs MWJ Dream11 Prediction NZBL Live Fantasy Basketball Dream11 Team, Top Picks and Tips for Canterbury Rams vs Manawatu Jets


CAR vs MWJ Dream11: The New Zealand Basketball League has been going at a quick rate and we have seen some incredible battles already. It is a great entertainer as leagues like the NBA has wrapped up and Spanish Basketball League is going to be over soon. Back to the New Zealand scene, the Canterbury Rams will host the Manawatu Jets.

The Canterbury Rams have won five out of the nine games, which is a decent start. They march into this contest after Franklin Bulls defeated them 67:88 in what was a poor offensive effort. On the other hand, the Manawatu Jets have only won two out of their eight games, which is certainly a slow start. They come into this game after clinching a close 92:91 win as Zane Najdawi nabbed 31 points. Can the Jets upset another higher-ranked team again?

Host: Canterbury Rams
Visitors: Manawatu Jets
Match Timing: 18 June, @ 11:00 AM (+05:30 UTC)
Venue: Cowles Stadium

NZBL Projections, Stats & Analysis

Jets’ defense is struggling a bit

The Jets give up around 88 points a game, meaning they are among the bottom three teams in that regard. They are also the second-worst team in terms of points per game so it is not surprising that they are so much down in the rankings. Zane Najdawi, Shane Temara, and Robert Crawford are scoring between 15-20 points per game whereas John Bohannon leads in rebounds per game with around 14 a game, while he also leads the team in assists with 5 a game.

Rams haven’t built a winning streak for some team.
On the flip side, the Rams have been altering between wins and losses, and need to build a winning streak at this point. The Rams are not that effective on the rebounding end, and that has hurt their campaign for sure. Sunday Dech has been the most effective scorer, compiling around 18 points a game. Taylor Britt leads the team in assists whereas Darling and Karena have been amazing in terms of rebounds.

NZBL Scores, Fantasy Basketball Top Picks

(Last Game Stats)
Robert Crawford(MWJ)
Points: 20
Rebounds: 03
Assists: 04

Robert made just six of his 19 attempts and can be a tad inefficient. I believe she will be in 17-24 points range.

Sunday Dech(CAR)
Points: 15
Rebounds: 02
Assists: 03
Steals: 01
Sunday made none of his seven three-pointers but clinched 6 of his 13 two-point shots in the last game. I believe he will be in 14-22 points and 2-4 rebounds range. He can be selected as a Star/Pro Player in the Dream 11 NBA Prediction scenario.

John Bohannon(MWJ)
Points: 09
Rebounds: 16
Assists: 11
John is an all-around player who can act as an elite rebounder and playmaker. I believe he will be in 8-13 points, 10-15 rebounds, and 5-8 assists range. He can be selected as a Star/Pro Player in theDream 11 NBA Prediction scenario.

Taylor Britt(CAR)
Points: 13
Rebounds: 03
Assists: 05
Steals: 02
Taylor made 6 of his 11 shots and he has been a strong playmaker. I believe he will be in 11-16 points and 4-7 assists range.

Zane Najdawi(MWJ)
Points: 31
Rebounds: 09
Assists: 01
Blocks: 01
Steals: 01

Najdawi made 12 of his 16 shots from the two-point range. I believe he will be in 14-21 points and 5-9 rebounds range.

Maxwell Darling(CAR)
Points: 13
Rebounds: 09
Assists: 01
Darling made four of his ten shots and has been a strong rebounding presence. I believe he will be in 11-15 points and 7-10 rebounds range.

Shane Temara(MWJ)
Points: 23
Rebounds: 01
Assists: 03

Shade made eight of his 16 shots and he has been doing a decent job as a scorer. I believe he will be in 17-22 points range.

Ryan Taylor(CAR)
Points: 14
Rebounds: 04
Assists: 00
Ryan made four triples in the last game. I believe he will be in 8-12 points range.

Tukahu Cooper(MWJ)
Points: 04
Rebounds: 00
Assists: 02
Steals: 01

Blocks: 01
Cooper made two out of three shots. I believe he will be in 2-5 points and 2-4 rebounds range.

Mike Karena(CAR)
Points: 08
Rebounds: 06
Assists: 01
Mike has been a decent rebounder. I believe he will be in 6-10 points and 5-8 rebounds range.

Tama Faamausili(MWJ)
Points: 03
Rebounds: 04
Assists: 04

Tama doesn’t play many minutes. I believe he will be in 2-5 points range.

Alex Talma(CAR)
Points: 04
Rebounds: 01
Assists: 00
Talma doesn’t get many minutes. I believe he will be in 2-5 points and 2-4 rebounds range.

Sam Smith(CAR)
Points: 00
Rebounds: 03
Assists: 01
Steals: 04
Sam is a great player when it comes to clinching steals. I believe he will be in 1-3 steals range here.

CAR vs MWJ Dream11 Team

PG: T Cooper
SG: T Britt
SF: A Talma, S Smith
PF: M Darling, Z Najdawi(PP)
C:   M Karena, J Bohannon(SP)

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