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An open letter to Juventus fans from a Real Madrid fan

To Turin,

If it hasn’t come to this, I wouldn’t have to write this letter. I am not sure why I am even writing this letter when all hopes seem lost but let this caricature of my words be a hard reminder of the mistakes that we did and you people should not. You see, mistakes are often realized when it is already too late or when the moment of undoing it has also past and it turns into a regret. A regret, perhaps, all Real Madrid fans will take to their graves; the regret of booing one of the greatest players of not only our club’s history but also of the football universe.

On August 29, 2009, Cristiano Ronaldo made his first ever appearance for Real Madrid against Deportivo La Coruna and scored his first ever goal in his Real Madrid career for what would become one of the greatest era of Spanish football. We knew that Cristiano was the brightest star in our sky but we didn’t realize that in order to make our wishes come true, that the brightest had to fall of our sky leaving us in everlasting darkness.

I once heard a Manchester United fan saying, that “In these nine years since Cristiano Ronaldo left Manchester and joined Real Madrid, we have spent billions of Euros on variety of players to fill in his void. The talents that we believed could be the perfect replacement have only highlighted the fact that there is only one Cristiano Ronaldo and we sold him off. It’s true that many have come after him just as many had come before him but none of them could ever do what he did to do everything just about perfect.” I didn’t know what to say at that moment, not that I know now but I wish we hadn’t made this mistake.

Real Madrid will always be the best in what they do, they find stars that belong in this club and they also discard them when they are not in the greatest run not knowing that in sports form is temporary, class is permanent. In these nine years for Real Madrid he has represented Real Madrid for 450 times in which he scored 438 goals having a goal conversion ratio of 1.03 goals per match. Even in the last season which was considered to be one his worst seasons ever, he scored 44 goals in 44 matches for Real Madrid and providing 8 assists. His career records speaks for itself louder than I can even scream and what he leaves behind, is a wonder that others will see and admire but can never touch.

One of the worst things to come is the El Clasico games from now on because the rivalry between the clubs politically would always maintain its difference but on the ground El Clasico always meant Cristiano Ronaldo vs Lionel Messi and now that Ron is gone, I bet if we would still be happy if Real Madrid wins it every time. You see, Ron was more than a player for us, for the genuine fans who accepted him even when he missed a penalty or failed to score goals but the joy he gave us every time he put the Camp Nou in silence after scoring a goal or shut down the entire world with his long range shots, hattricks, impossible goals, celebrations, lining up to take a free kick and even as a family person, Ronaldo excelled in everything he did.

However, I should not let the ink of my sadness fill this whole letter up so next time you are out there to see him in action just celebrate that moment because there’s no one else who can score goals more efficiently and win trophies with such beauty. Next time, when you are on the ground cheering for Cristiano Ronaldo in a Juventus shirt, do me a favour and write ‘Thank You Cristiano’ on a placard for all that he has done so far and he will for your club. Now that you have got our best player, we hope to see you in the UEFA Champions League final in the next season.


A half dead Real Madrid fan

Koustav Shaw

It's all about those 90 minutes you get on the ground that determines who you are off the ground. There's a reason why football is the most beautiful sport on earth and I intend to strengthen that.