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Diego Maradona puts forward USD 10,000 to spot the source behind his fake death report

Diego Maradona has offered USD 10,000 to spot the person behind the fake death report of him. There was a WhatsApp message that gone viral in Argentina that Maradona is dead after getting hospitalised following Argentina’s clash with Nigeria. Maradona’s lawyer announced the reward over the fake news, he said, I gave orders to make it public, to offer a reward of 300,000 pesos (around $10,000) to anyone who can provide correct and accurate information about the author of the audios,”. In that message a guy in his Argentinean assent said, the former world cup winning Argentinean captain Diego Maradona died after having a cardiac arrest.

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The message went viral, and people start thinking about their legend’s health, but later on, Maradona himself came in front of the World to announce his health,”I'm perfect. I've never been better,” said Maradona in front of the media. The Argentine star wasn’t looked fine at all, and he needed help to get up from his seat. Maradona’s lawyer Morla said, “It's a subject that alarmed him. It's no secret how he enjoys a game. How he lived them as a performer and how he lives them as a fan. The doctors told him to take rest, not to stay in the stadium for the second half of the Argentina-Nigeria match, but asking that to Maradona is like asking a son not to love his mother. For Diego, the team is Dona Tota (his mother), and he will never let her on her own”. The message also got the attention of social media which made it spread all over the world and to stop it getting viral Maradona announced a USD 10,000 reward to identify the person behind the fake news. It was a major upset for the fans as they got shun after they heard the news which went viral.

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