Sachin’s ode to his ‘Buddy Vinod’

Updated on: Jan 19, 2018 6:29 pm IST

Sachin's ode to his 'Buddy Vinod'

If there is one emotion which can always manage to crawl from your high-held boundaries to tease age and time, it is friendship. Former Indian cricketer Sachin Tendulkar took to Twitter to celebrate the fervour of his friendship with his childhood buddy, Vinod Kambli on his 45th birthday.

Sachin and Kambli, who played cricket together during their childhood and teenage years, first came into limelight when they partnered for a record 664-runs during a school match in 1988. Both of them later went on to represent the national team.

Kambli made debut for India in 1993, three years after Sachin, and went on to score two double hundreds and two hundred in the first seven matches. His career spanned 10 years, but he is considered to be one of the most gifted cricketers. In his short test career of 17 matches, Kambli has four centuries including two double. His batting average is the highest for an Indian cricketer. In ODIs, he made nine comebacks during his career from 1991-2000 and played 104 matches.

Recently, Kambli also thanked Sachin and credited him for bringing him back to cricket as a coach. “When I retired, it had occurred to me, now what, I thought I would do commentary, or I was an expert on TV, But my love has been cricket, so I got on to the field,” Kambli said in an interview.

The former left-handed batsman would now be taking sessions at a coaching academy at Bandra Kurla Complex of the Mumbai Cricket Association. “Sachin knows how much I love cricket, so he said to me why don’t you start coaching, so I would say I have embarked on a path which he has shown, and I am on it,” Kambli, the first Indian to score two back to back double hundreds said.

Their friendship witnessed an ugly phase when Kambli criticised Tendulkar during a TV show for not helping him enough in 2009. But as they say it, anger, fight and disappointments cannot stop friends from bouncing back together!
Sachin posted a heartfelt message for his BFF on twitter:


Kambli also posted a video on twitter where he is seen with Sachin celebrating his birthday


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