See who Messi’s Hang Out Partner is?

Updated on: Jul 23, 2018 4:40 pm IST

Barcelona star forward Lionel Messi was on his holiday after facing a heartbreaking world cup exit, but he had already forgotten the pain of the bitter memories, he was chilling with his friends and family. Although not only him but Tennis stars are also got their free time in between after the Wimbledon and they are also sharing some precious time with the dear ones but who knows that one will meet the other star like that. I am talking about Lionel Messi and Rafael Nadal who bumped into each other in Ibiza, Spain. They both were enjoying in a nightclub and spent some time with each other while fans also got them and pictured both in the same frame.

According to, “Other superstars are expected to be back in action later this summer, but for now, the pair is on holiday. And they appeared to bump into each other on a night out in Ibiza. Both were said to have been at an exclusive restaurant on the Mediterranean island.”

Image Courtesy: @Twitter

The Spanish star lost the Semi-Final match of Wimbledon to the Serbian superstar Novak Djokovic and Messi with his team Argentina lost the game FIFA World Cup 2018’s round of 16 against Uruguay. Meanwhile, their fans are waiting for a starry performance from them as they both got knocked out at the crucial stage of the game. Rafael Nadal is expected to play more, and he remained at the top of the ATP rankings with a widened gap, but Messi had shown some signs to retire after 2018 World Cup, as of now he hadn’t passed any statement on his retirement.

Fans have started sharing the only image of the stars together in a picture with different and creative captions. You can check them on Twitter and Instagram while both the stars haven’t shared their photo on any social media platform.

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