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August 4, 2018
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Watch: Shastri Accuses Ganguly Of Not Being Punctual, Here’s Ganguly’s Clarification

By Abhishek Shankar

India’s present coach Ravi Shastri was recently seen talking about Sourav Ganguly’s punctuality. He even shared a story about him from as far back as 2007. During those days, Shastri was the interim coach and had taught Ganguly a lesson in coming on time.

Shastri had appeared on Breakfast with Champions in June this year where he was seen revealing how in 2007, he had ordered the team bus to leave on time even though Ganguly arrived late. Ever since the former captain was always ready on time.

“I take pride in being punctual. It is a great quality. In our team, punctuality is paramount. The bus leaves at nine, it will leave at nine. Once, there was this incidence that I still remember. I had to take this bus early in the morning in Bangladesh in 2007. In Chittagong, we were supposed to leave at nine and it got to nine. I said, ‘let’s go’. The local managers and all said, ‘Dada nahi aaya’ (Dada hasn’t come yet). I said, ‘Dada ayega gadi mein. Chalo.’ (Dada will take the car. Let us leave),” Shastri had said about teaching Ganguly a lesson on punctuality.

But recently, Ganguly also appeared on the same show and host Gaurav Kapur shared to Ganguly what Shastri had said. He asked Ganguly for clarification.

“Never ever interview him on the breakfast show he wouldn’t remember what he said. When I meet him I will tell him what do you say on the breakfast show, that never happened I don’t know where he got that from,” Ganguly said while talking to Kapur.

“But don’t interview him in the morning, do it in the evening he will be able to recall things better (and both Ganguly and Gaurav shared quite a laughter),” he further added.

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