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| On Jun 8, 2021 5:07 PM IST

Play Chess Online with Friends Free Online, Multiplayer, Money Earning Games


Play Chess Online : Chess with its mythical origin in India was originally a marginalized board game. Courtesy of it being a brain battle, people either love it or lose their interest in proportion to their amounting losses at it. The power of the internet has made the entire globe a connected village.

Nowadays, there are several sites wherein you can play with an opponent residing anywhere on the planet. However, if you wish to connect with fellow countrymen, then your best bet would be to hop on to Indian game websites.

Online Chess Game

An online chess game in comparison to its counterpart i.e, over the board chess game, is a smooth sail. You do not need any board, pieces, or even coax anyone to play blitz with you. It also comes with a host of attractive attributes. First of all, it is convenient; you can play games on your phone, PC, laptop, or even tab. All you need for a thrilling game is a stable and swift internet connection.

Chess Online with Friends

There are Indian game websites that allow you to chat while playing chess. So, you and your friend can communicate seamlessly while having a chess duel. Though it is not exactly like being in proximity and playing over the board; however, perhaps it is the next best thing you can experience in a pandemic-stricken world where physical distance is a sure shot lifesaver.

The ensuing pandemic has affected the entire humanity. People have started to connect virtually more than ever before. A country that was crazy for only cricket when it comes to sports now has started to venture into online games. It is also super easy to get started. So, shun worries even if you are a novice. Most of these Indian game websites do contain free chess lessons. 


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