Babar Azam Last 10 ODI Innings

Updated on: Oct 13, 2023 11:31 am IST

Babar Azam is No 1 ODI batsman in the world but hasn’t fired in the ongoing 2023 ODI World Cup. He would be hoping to be firing on all cyclinders in the marquee IND vs PAK World Cup 2023 match. In 7 ODIs against India, Babar Azam has scored 168 runs at a batting average of 28.

Babar Azam last 10 ODI Innings

Babar Azam Last 10 ODI Innings: The Pakistani skipper, Babar Azam holds the coveted position of the No 1 ODI batsman in the world. However, the ongoing 2023 ODI World Cup has seen him grappling to find his usual form, a rare phase for this cricketing maestro. The marquee IND vs PAK World Cup 2023 match is the perfect platform for Babar to remind the world of his batting brilliance.

Babar Azam Last 10 ODI Innings

Runs Opposition Venue Date
10 Sri Lanka Hyderabad 10 Oct 2023
5 Netherlands Hyderabad 6 Oct 2023
29 Sri Lanka Colombo (RPS) 14 Sep 2023
10 India Colombo (RPS) 10 Sep 2023
17 Bangladesh Lahore 6 Sep 2023
DNB India Pallekele 2 Sep 2023
151 Nepal Multan 30 Aug 2023
60 Afghanistan Colombo (RPS) 26 Aug 2023
53 Afghanistan Hambantota 24 Aug 2023
0 Afghanistan Hambantota 22 Aug 2023

As the much-anticipated clash between arch-rivals India and Pakistan, a match that never fails to create a buzz, draws near, Babar Azam is undoubtedly keen on reigniting his spark and asserting his prowess on the grand stage.

In the backdrop of his No 1 ODI batsman status, Babar’s recent performances may not reflect the caliber he possesses. Throughout the 2023 ODI World Cup, his bat has not resonated with its usual vigor. However, this is just a momentary lull, a brief hiatus in an otherwise illustrious career.

Delving into the numbers against the formidable opponent, India, Babar Azam has engaged in seven ODIs, a sample space that encapsulates the trials and triumphs of a fierce rivalry. In these encounters, he has etched 168 runs on the scorecards, showcasing an average of 28. These numbers, while not reflecting his usual standards, represent the challenges that every player faces in high-voltage matches against a formidable opponent.

As the cricketing world gears up for the much-anticipated clash, Babar Azam, with his unwavering determination and skill, seeks to rise to the occasion. The clash against India in the 2023 ODI World Cup is more than just a match—it’s an opportunity for Babar to reclaim his spot among the cricketing elite and etch his name in the annals of cricketing history.

The cricketing fraternity eagerly awaits to witness Babar Azam, the epitome of batting artistry, display his full range of strokes and take the center stage in this iconic encounter. The battle between the bat and the ball is imminent, and Babar Azam stands ready to script a compelling tale of resilience, skill, and cricketing brilliance in the IND vs PAK World Cup 2023 clash.

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