KL Rahul Last 10 Innings in ODI against Australia

Updated on: Sep 19, 2023 2:16 pm IST

KL Rahul last 10 innings in ODI against Australia

KL Rahul, the dynamic Indian cricketer, has showcased his batting prowess consistently, and his performances against Australia in One Day Internationals (ODIs) stand as a testament to his skill and ability to perform on the big stage.

KL Rahul Last 10 Innings in ODI against Australia

Runs (Balls Faced) Ground Date
32 (50) Chennai 22 Mar 2023
9 (12) Visakhapatnam 19 Mar 2023
75* (91) Wankhede 17 Mar 2023
5 (11) Canberra 2 Dec 2020
76 (66) Sydney 29 Nov 2020
12 (15) Sydney 27 Nov 2020
19 (27) Bengaluru 19 Jan 2020
80 (52) Rajkot 17 Jan 2020
47 (61) Wankhede 14 Jan 2020
11* (3) The Oval 9 Jun 2019
26 (31) Mohali 10 Mar 2019

In a total of 11 ODIs against the formidable Australian side, KL Rahul has amassed an impressive 392 runs, boasting a batting average of 43.55. This reflects his ability to consistently score against one of the world’s best cricketing teams.

What sets Rahul apart is his knack for converting his starts into substantial scores. He has registered three 50+ scores in these matches, emphasizing his ability to anchor the innings and play crucial roles in India’s batting lineup.

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Facing Australia, known for their competitive spirit and strong bowling attack, is always a challenge. KL Rahul has risen to the occasion, displaying a blend of skill, temperament, and adaptability to suit the needs of the game.

KL Rahul’s ODI career underscore his ability to perform under pressure and excel in crucial encounters. Each run he scores against Australia is a testament to his talent and determination. As cricket enthusiasts eagerly await future fixtures and all eyes will be on KL Rahul. His potential to turn the game with his batting skills makes him a valuable asset for the Indian cricket team. Rahul’s contributions in the ODIs have been crucial in shaping India’s success.

KL Rahul’s performances in ODIs exemplify his batting brilliance and consistency. His ability to perform against a formidable opponents like Australia is a further testimony to his talent and adaptability. Rahul’s journey in the world of cricket promises many more remarkable feats and memorable innings, making him a key player to watch out for in future.

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