Rachel McLellan – Usman Khawaja Wife, Religion, Profession, Photo, Biography, Instagram

Updated on: Nov 17, 2023 11:48 am IST

Usman Khawaja Wife

Rachel McLellan is the wife of Usman Khawaja. She is often seeing touring with her husband Usman Khawaja for Cricket tournaments and supporting him on the field. Her Instagram is filled with pictures of her vacations with her husband.




When did Usman Khawaja marry Rachel McLellan?

Usman Khawaja married Rachel McLellan on 6 April 2018 and since then have been enjoying every moment together.

Rachel Khawaja

Rachel McLellan Biography

Age 36
Husband Usman Khawaja
Religion Islam
Instagram rachelmkhawaja

Is Rachel McLellan a muslim?

Rachel McLellan is born and brought up in Australia. Usman Khawaja’s wife belongs to a Catholic family. She decided to convert to Islam before marrying him.

Rachel McLellan never met an individual from Islam culture before meeting Usman Khawaja. She also had these views about Islam that it’s very strict and very closed when it comes to women.

Rachel McLellan Khawaja


Birthplace –  Australia

Profession – Marketing and Events Manager

Nationality – Australian

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