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WWE Giant Zanjeer Height, Wife, Age, Indian Wrestlers, Wiki, Instagram


Giant Zanjeer WWE: It’s exceptional time for WWE India as two of its wrestlers Veer and Shanky made it to the WWE television forming a stable with Jinder Mahal. This could be the beginning of something huge and if they perform well it could open doors to others who are waiting in the wings. Another name who could be up for an opportunity is Giant Zanjeer.

Giant Zanjeer Height

The man who stands at 7 ft 2 inches and weighs at 340 pounds could be the next big thing to come out of India in the WWE.

Giant Zanjeer Age

There is very little known about his background to the world as he is a very private person. What we do know is that he hails from Jagraon, Punjab and practices Hinduism. His earlier inclination was towards basketball but like many of the other superstars coming from India, he was inspired by the Great Khali and took up Wrestling with a dream to be in WWE someday. He was trained by the Great Khali and was then selected in the WWE Tryout in 2019. He has been working really hard in training and his prowess was visible in the WWE Superstar Spectacle.

Giant Zanjeer Indian Wrestler

Unlike many wrestlers like Jinder Mahal and Bollywood Boys who are billed from India but are Canadian citizens, Zanjeer is from India and has hardcore Indian upbringing. He has been very vocal about his love for his parents and his mother.

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Giant Zanjeer Wife

Zanjeer isn’t married and very little is known about his relationships however he is very close to animals and often shares pictures of his pets on social media. He recently got a lot of fame when he starred in a Telegu movie with stars Karthik and Rashmika Mandana and the film known as Sulthan got him into the mainstream. He would be looking to dominate the WWE world in future with his size and now that we have seen an Indian stable, it could be likely that they add more wrestlers to the faction which will help Jinder Mahal reach to the top of the food chain yet again in WWE.

Giant Zanjeer Instagram giantzanjeerwwe

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