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WWE Shanky Dilsher Age, Wife, Height, Instagram, Indian Wrestler


Shanky WWE, formerly known as Dilsher Shanky appeared on Monday Night Raw along with his tag team partner Veer where they accompanied the accomplished superstar Jinder Mahal as a part of an all Indian stable which seems to be a new beginning for the lanky superstar.

Dilsher Shanky Height: 7’1″

Shanky’s real name is Gurvinder Singh Malhotra and he has been trained by the WWE Hall of Famer Great Khali. He has aims of making it big in the WWE and someday defeating Brock Lesner. Big call that.

Shanky Wife

Shanky is unmarried and is the only son of his parents. He hails from Jagadhri district in Yamuna Nagar, Haryana, India. He has great interest in singing and often sings on his social media handles. He also recently supported the farmer’s protest in India. His key moves include the Chokeslam, Clothesline and an elbow drop. He teamed up with Rey Mysterio who jumped off his shoulder to finish the match on Superstar Showdown.

Shanky Country

Shanky in an Indian WWE wrestler started his career really late in 2015 after he heard The Great Khali talk about the Continental Wrestling Entertainment on an episode of Comedy Nights With Kapil. Till then he had been working as an accountant and had no ambitions of making it as a wrestler. But with his 7 ft frame and huge physique, this is what perhaps came naturally to him. Once he joined the CWE, he was trained hard and the training would often torment him mentally and make him cry. He made had a try out with WWE in 2017 in Dubai and then in Jalandhar after which he was signed in January of 2020.He has made rapid strides since and then made his presence felt in the WWE Superstar spectacle event in January.

Shanky Age

Shanky is still young at just 29 years of age and has a long way to go in the industry. To think of what he has achieved in such a short time is nothing short of extraordinary. Things are looking upwards for the man who is like a human sky scraper. He has pedigree in Bollywood too having starred with mega star Salman Khan in the film Bharat.

WWE Shanky Instagram: dilshershanky

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