This Cricketer doesn’t want India to play in Asia Cup. Here’s why?

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Published - 2:50 PM | Modified - 5:58 PM 2018/08/23
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Virender Sehwag has criticized the timetable of the upcoming Asia Cup which is slated to commence on September with the game between Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.

According to the schedule, only India will be playing back to back matches. India will be taking on the qualifying team on 18th for its first game and the next day they are scheduled to play against their arch-rivals Pakistan the next day.

While speaking in an interview with India TV, Sehwag expressed his disappointment with team India playing back to back games.

The Asia Cup has been hastily arranged and the players who are a part of the Test series against England won’t be getting sufficient time to rest.

Moreover, a schedule of back to back matches in as many days and it might also take a toll on the cricketers. The heat waves in the United Arab Emirates might make things worse for them.

“I am very disappointed with the schedule because which country plays back-to-back cricket these days? There was a gap of two days in between the T20 matches in England and here you are playing ODIs under hot Dubai weather without a break. So, I don’t think this might be a correct scheduling,” he said.

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BCCI slams the schedule:

 The Board of Control for Cricket in India will be clashing with Pakistan in Asia Cup on September 19. The board has described the schedule as ‘mindless’.

“The scheduling is mindless,” a senior BCCI official said in an interview.

“There appears to be zero application of mind. How can you accept a scenario where India plays a game today and tomorrow it will face its arch-rival Pakistan who will have a two-day period of rest?

“This is really unacceptable and it needs to be revisited. Maybe for the organisers, it is just a money-spinning game but for us it is important that there should be an equity in scheduling,” the official added.

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