July 27, 2018
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How Ganguly helped Sehwag and Dhoni in shaping their careers

By Abhishek Shankar

Ganguly reminisces the best days of his life

Cherishing his playing days, Ganguly said in an interview with Gaurav Kapoor at ‘Breakfast with Champions’ that those were the days when he truly enjoyed life while playing and chilling with his teammates. Remembering the day when he removed his shirt at Lords after the 2002 Natwest series win, he said that VVS Laxman tried to stop him from doing it. But, he did it anyway.

He still remembers the day at Lords when Virender Sehwag had hit 45 runs in 49 balls comprising 7 fours.

“We used to fight, and also get angry at times, but we also had fun playing cricket”, he concluded.

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I knew that Dhoni had courage: Ganguly

When talking about Dhoni and his early days of international cricket,Ganguly said,”During 2004, when Dhoni came to play, I always pondered upon how to make him a successful player, So, instead of coming at No.7, I asked Dhoni to play at No.3. in a match where Dhoni scored a whopping 170 runs.”

He also said, “In order to give a great batsman to the world, it’s important to position them at the top of the playing 11. Only when you put the batsman in deep waters, that you will come to know whether they will come out alive or not, only then you will come to know whether a particular batsman has the required ability or not.” He also added that he feels proud that at a time when great cricketer didn’t emerge from the east, Dhoni and himself came out as successful captains.

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Ganguly has high hopes from Kohli

“Kohli is such a batsman that no matter where you are, you want to see him play,” said Ganguly.

“People criticise fitness, yo-yo test but this cricketer is very strict in all these matters and it’s really very good. In order to become mentally, physically fit, clearing these, tests are very important because of the nature of the sport which is dynamic, he added.

He also said that he has high hopes from the skipper and the coming test series against England is a great opportunity for the batsman to emerge victoriously and play very well.

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