July 10, 2018
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Mohammed Shami available for Test series against England

By Abhishek Shankar


Mohammed Shami had bad days for quite some time struggling with injuries, personal life issues, poor IPL season, failed fitness test etc.

But amidst so many obstacles, just like a true sportsperson, Shami has worked very hard to come back with flying colours.

He has finally cleared the Yo-Yo fitness test and has provided the BCCI selectors with an option for upcoming Test series with England.

Shami is a reliable bowler in Test cricket.

The 110 wickets of his sharp bowling in 30 Test matches reflect that.

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A very experienced, cricketer with the ball, the way he releases and pitches the ball suits the nature of the Test cricket to all aim and purpose.

One of the major features of his bowling style is that the line and length at which he delivers the ball in longer spells are attacking in nature.


Given his strengths and abilities, he can surely come victorious in the English conditions. On one hand, he can bowl the typical line and length if the red ball is seaming up. On the other hand, if it is reverse swinging, he understands the modernisation very well how so as to pitch the ball right to get a batsman out, bowled or LBW.

After the decision to drop players, there were varied opinions from several nooks. HCA Secretary Sheshnarayan was particularly annoyed as he questioned the validity of the Test.

“This looks very one-sided and basic. Since a person who got nearly the highest runs in IPL this year and has also played all the 50-over games in the domestic season, he now finds himself unfit on some highly overrated fitness tests. We know what is going on behind the scenes and people are taking advantage of the fluid situation in the BCCI and pushing decisions. We demand that the process of the tests be made transparent and open to the public domain,” demanded the Secretary.

The last time Mohammad Shami played for India, it was the last Test of the three-match Test series against South Africa. Shami was India’s highest wicket-taker in the series and contribute in India’s memorable victory.

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