5 Times Indian Cricketers Lost Their Cool On The Cricket Field

Updated on: Jul 28, 2021 7:05 pm IST

  • Cricketers lost their cool

    Cricket may be known as the Gentleman’s game but when you play for your country or even for your franchise, there is bound to be some emotion on the field and in the heat of the moment, it often goes overboard. These are moments which really get the crowd going sometimes and can help the performance of players as it can get them going. Indian players play with the expectations of a billion people on them and that can often take its’ toll on the players. Off the field these things don’t matter too much as cricketers continue to remain friends.  In these events here we look at some events when some of the Indian players lost their cool on the field.

    1. Virat Kohli in test series 2017

    The Indian Captain has always been known to wear his heart on his sleeve and it was never more evident than it was in the 2017 home series of Australia. This is when Steven Smith had been given out on field and then looked at the dressing room to know if he should ask for a referral or not. This did not sit down well with the Indian captain as he complained to the umpires. Later in a press conference he had some harsh words to say for Smith who had then termed it as Brainfade.

    The series was contested really heavily and that got things really interesting throughout adding to the drama of the series. Virat Kohli went to the extent of saying that he would never call Steven Smith his friend

    This isn’t the first time these two clashed. In 2014 and 2016 too in Australia, they had an altercation. Things got better for them in 2019 when he asked the crowd to cheer for Steven Smith in the world cup. Virat has had his moments on the pitch when he has been really aggressive against many players.

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