Famous Indian cricketers and their doppelgangers (Hardik Pandya, Virat Kohli, Rohit Sharma, Shikhar Dhawan)

Updated on: Nov 25, 2022 12:59 pm IST

  • Famous Indian cricketers

    Hardik Pandya and WWE NXT Superstar Camelo Hayes

    Famous Indian Cricketers

    In India, pro wrestling and cricket are both highly popular, so a match between the two would undoubtedly throw many sports fans into a frenzy. WWE NXT talent Carmelo Hayes was thrilled to discover firsthand how perceptive the Indian populace is.

    Due to the popularity of the unpredictable cricketer, Hardik Pandya, a wrestler who resembles one of India’s most explosive all-rounders in recent memory, saw his name trend on Indian Twitter. Some people recorded their impressions online, and funny posts from all around India soon followed.

    A fairly humorous remark was attached to a social media post that showed a photo of Hayes (see featured photo), and it read, “After making a good career in cricket, Hardik Pandya makes his NXT debut”

    Shikhar Dhawan

    The southpaw from Delhi is very popular amongst fans for his nonchalant and happy-go-lucky nature. But did you know he has a renowned doppelganger? 27-year-old Ram Bahadur, who hails from Balia, Uttar Pradesh rose to fame when he went viral on the internet for sharing his features from the Delhi Capitals star. 

    “After giving me a haircut, the barber said ‘bhaia, aap to bilkul Shikhar Dhawan ki tarah lagte ho (Brother, you resemble Shikhar Dhawan). He convinced me and twirled my moustache and asked me to look in the mirror. He showed me Shikhar sir’s picture as well. I looked into the mirror and came home. I bought a poster of Shikhar sir and glued it to my wall. looked in the mirror again and again. I was happy that resembled a cricketing icon. That’s how my madness for him began,” Ram Bahadur told a website. 


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