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“I was judged because of my physical appearance,” reveals Kohli

By Shalini Singh @Shalini_Singh15

India captain Virat Kohli featured on the cover of August issue of fashion magazine GQ India.

Kohli, who has become one of the style icons in the recent times spoke to the magazine in an interview where he talked about the initial days of his career.

He revealed that his physical appearances made others doubt his abilities during the initial days of his career.

The flamboyant cricketer said that others didn’t believe in him when he began his career.

“When I started playing, I was judged a lot. People used to perceive that a person like me would only be a flash in the pan,” the right-handed batsman.

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He also said that one’s commitment towards the game always pays off.

“But the truth is that if you work hard, the game will give you back. The game does not look at tattoos, it looks at the commitment towards the game,” he added.

He further said that the youngsters now feel comfortable to present themselves they want to. “If you have tattoos, styled hair or earrings, you will not be stopped just because you are flamboyant. It is not like that if I style my hair, I won’t dive because I fear that it’ll get spoiled.”

Kohli also talked about his obsession with winning. He said, “Winning is like an obsession for me. I have understood to accept my losses now but earlier, I used to get mad when I lost.”

“I have realized now that it is not just about me working hard and doing something on the field but also about being able to see the larger picture,” the 29-year old said.

India are currently playing a five-match Test series against England and the first Test match is being played at Edgbaston.

The first day of the first Test witnesses India restricting England to 285 for 9 with spinner R Ashwin picking four wickets.

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