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ICC World Cup 2019: IND vs PAK; Keep an eye on these 3 player battles

By Chaitanya Laxman

India vs Pakistan. World Cup. Enough said. There is drama, emotion, and action. And above all, there is guaranteed quality cricket as both teams are loaded with mesmerizing talent.

And although this match in itself promises to be an enthralling contest, there are a few player battles that are sure to increase the heat.

#3. Mohammad Amir vs Rohit Sharma:

With a five-wicket haul in the previous innings, Mohammad Amir has regained his mojo while Rohit Sharma had a perfect start to the World Cup with a stunning hundred against South Africa.

And now both will face each other on Sunday. It will be interesting to see Rohit’s response to Amir’s inswinger from over the wicket. This delivery has troubled him in the past but can he find an answer to this challenge at the biggest of all stages?

#2. Jasprit Bumrah vs Babar Azam:

Pakistan’s most complete batsman versus India’s best bowler.

Babar is known for his elegant strokeplay and ability to successfully neutralize quality bowling. But is he good enough to handle the red hot Bumrah who is bowling supersonic missiles?

An early wicket will bring Babar against Bumrah and if that happens, the fans will be treated with a beautiful cricket contest featuring two stalwarts of their respective skills.

Bumrah’s accuracy kept the Aussies and the South Africans hooked in the World Cup but can Babar break the shackles with his intelligent stroke-making and steel-like temperament?

How many from these 4 iconic cricket moments from India vs Pakistan matches have you witnessed live?

#1. Mohammad Amir vs Virat Kohli:

Probably the contest of the tournament. The ghosts of the Champions Trophy will be hovering in the sky when the World’s best ODI batsman will face Amir on Sunday.

Kohli has expertise in dispatching deliveries bowled on his bat to square leg fence with ease but what happens when the ball has a slight movement off the pitch and there is extra pace.

A couple of years back, Amir showed that this results in finding Kohli’s outside edge as he closes the bat face little too early but now Kohli has improved as a batsman so can we expect a better reply from the Indian captain?

Chaitanya Laxman

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