August 3, 2018
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From Injury To Surgery, See Wriddhiman’s Recovery Through Twitter

By Rajsi Swaroop

Indian young Wicket-keeper Wriddhiman Saha underwent shoulder surgery in Manchester on Wednesday. The operation was done under the supervision of BCCI’s medical team.

BCCI also sent his wishes to the young man, here’s wishing @Wriddhipops a speedy recovery. He underwent a labral repair surgery in Manchester today under the supervision of BCCI Medical team.

Saha acquired an injury during his session with National Cricket Academy (NCA) where a “bungled” rehab programme compounded Saha’s injury. He was expected to be selected for India’s tour to England, but due to his injury in NCA, he has to take his name back from the away tour.

Saha was quite unhappy with this injury because it came up at a very crucial time. He tweeted on 18 July about his harm, “Saha was quite unhappy with this injury because it came up at a very crucial time. He tweeted on 18 July about his injury, Yes! Wriddhiman is physically Unwell and may not be there for the upcoming England Test series… We are going through an awful phase and crises…thanks to all fans, well-wishers and people who are there beside us, during this time. The injury is not in anyone’s hand …and to the people who are having astrological conclusion right now regarding his future cricket…would suggest, learn to wish someone’s recovery than predicting the future! Have some respect for someone who has got injured playing for the country.- Team Wriddhi”
(Some News channels were trying to highlight his injury as the end of his cricket in future which can hurt the well-wishers as well as him. This is a serious note for those channels to stay out of it by this means.)

Wriddhiman kept updating his fans and followers about his day-by-day routine from his injury until the surgery. He gave all the updates on his twitter account when he was arriving for the operation in Manchester. Here are some tweets.

When Wriddhiman took his name out of the tour, then Dinesh Kartik was suggested by the committee as the wicket-keeper batsman for the England tour.

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