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Mike Brearley wants Joe Root to learn this thing from Kohli

By Chaitanya Laxman

Virat Kohli’s imperious success in international cricket has made him the benchmark for fellow cricketers and former England cricketer Mike Brearley too believes the same. Infact he feels that England skipper Joe Root should learn from Kohli when it comes to batting.

Don’t know why Root keeps getting out between 50 to 100

In an interview given to an English newspaper,  the former England cricket player stated that Root is a terrific batsman but he pointed out that he hasn’t quite come off in the last year.

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Brearley admitted that he doesn’t know why he keeps getting out between 50 and 100. But the former England cricketer feels that it’s not for want of trying, infact he believes he starts trying too hard.

Brearley noted that Virat Kohli’s conversion rate from 50s to 100s is something like 59 or 60 per cent (it’s 54), while Root’s is something like 25.

According to the former England cricketer, it’s quite an interesting contrast as he feels that these are two of the best four or five players in the world.

Root’s problems of conversions

This is not the first time, Root’s conversion rate has come under scrutiny. The England captain has scored 14 hundreds in Tests and has 41 fifties. His conversion rates from 50 to 100 are low when compared with other batting stalwarts of this era.

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Kohli has gone past the score of fifty 43 times in Test career and on 24 times he converted his fifties into hundreds. Steve Smith on the other hand went past score of fifty on 47 occasions and reached a hundred during 23 times.

Root has got all the shots: Brearley

when asked abut how Root can improve his conversion rates, Brearley stated that it might take 10 years, and he admitted that he doesn’t know the answer.  He observed  that it isn’t that Root keeps getting out in the same way. It isn’t that he’s short of shots and by the time he gets to 70 he has to take a few more risks than Kohli would have to He further added that Root’s got all the shots and hence he shouldn’t be trying too hard.

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