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Pakistani cricketer’s cheeky dig at an Indian journalist

The question

At a media briefing on Friday after the Pakistan team’s practice session, Imam-Ul-Haq gave a cheeky answer to an Indian journalist. The journalist said that Imam’s uncle Inzamam used to sleep a lot and asked Imam if he too liked sleeping a lot like his uncle. Imam asked the reporter how he knew his uncle liked to sleep a lot and proceeded to ask him if he had slept with his uncle.

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Other topics

Apart from this, Imam discussed the approach of Pakistan in the Asia Cup which commences from Saturday in UAE. Imam stated that his team wants to play each match with equal intensity and that the match with India is not the most special one.

He said that though the India team is a great ODI team, the absence of Captain Virat Kohli will surely make a difference. He said that Pakistan looked to play aggressively; however, nerves had to be controlled, especially in a match against India, as things could go wrong very easily in these high-pressure matches.

Pakistan will play its first match in the Asia Cup against Hong Kong in Dubai on 16th September.

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