Pat Cummins IPL 2024 Team: Which team is most expensive signing in IPL history (20.5 crore) playing for in IPL 2024?

Published on: Dec 19, 2023 2:29 pm IST|Updated on: Dec 19, 2023 3:58 pm IST

Pat Cummins IPL 2024 Team

In a jaw-dropping turn of events at the IPL Auctions, Australian World Cup-winning skipper Pat Cummins shattered records as he fetched a staggering ₹20.50 crore, joining the Orange Army in what marked a historic moment in IPL history.

The bidding war for Cummins began with an opening bid from Chennai, swiftly followed by Mumbai Indians entering the auction fray for the first time. The paddles kept rising, with Mumbai’s bid reaching ₹4.6 crore before Chennai resumed the bidding. However, Royal Challengers Bangalore made their initial bid, intensifying the competition.

The escalation in bids was rapid and unprecedented, reaching ₹10 crore, a mark not seen earlier in the auction. The frenzy continued as RCB and SRH engaged in a financial battle for the Australian captain. The bids surged to ₹13 crore, then ₹14 crore, leaving Cummins likely grinning ear to ear. The excitement peaked as the bidding skyrocketed to ₹15 crore, then ₹16 crore, and astonishingly crossed the ₹17 crore mark.

The intensity and fervor persisted as the bidding soared to ₹18 crore, ultimately setting a new record in IPL history. Cummins emerged as the most expensive player in IPL Auction ever in the tournament, surpassing the previous record held by Sam Curran.

The astronomical sum paid for Cummins underscores the extraordinary talent and value placed on the Australian player in the context of the IPL landscape. His acquisition at such a remarkable price is a testament to the heightened competitiveness and value of premier international cricketers in the IPL auction market.

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