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| On Updated : Mar 25, 2020 9:43 PM IST

Shreyas Iyer reveals Role Models, Favourite Movie, Actor & Footballer

Coronavirus has shaken the entire sporting world, and most of the major tournaments have either been postponed or cancelled. Furthermore, the authorities decided to put the whole nation of a lockdown till 14th April, which has confined a significant part of the population inside their homes. Various sportspersons have also quarantined themselves inside their homes. Shreyas Iyer is one such player who came up with a Q&A to interact with the quarantine situation in an innovative way.

Shreyas Iyer gets candid with his fans:

Iyer took up twitter to interact with fans. He dealt with various questions related to his personal and professional life. Shreyas tweeted “Hey everyone.. Haven’t done a Q&A on Twitter before and what better time than now! Send your questions to me using #AskShreyas, and I’ll answer as many as I can.”

Soon his feed was filled with people asking him all sorts of questions. A user asked him to choose between Ronaldo and Messi. The right-hander chose Ronaldo as his preferred choice in footballers. The player also answered a variety of other questions such as his favourite colour and his favourite South Indian issue. The player gave a witty answer when a fan asked him about his favourite colour. In his usual jocular style, Shreyas replied “Black, but when it comes to cricket, it’s always blue.”

Would you like to play a fantasy game where you can substitute some players during the match?

When a fan asked about his role models in Cricket, Shreyas Iyer did not hesitate in answering the fan. He chose Sachin Tendulkar, Ab De Villiers and Rohit Sharma as his role models in cricket.

A message to his fans:

The conversation got interesting when the official handle of BCCI started interacting on Shreyas Iyer's tweet. BCCI asked him about his first MOM moment to which Shreyas replied that he could never forget that moment. Shreyas also dropped a message to his fans where he advised them to remain in their respective homes and be safe.

Here are a few more exciting replies from the Q&A session of Shreyas Iyer:

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