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| On Sep 6, 2021 1:26 PM IST

5 Indian U-19 Cricketers Who Completely Faded Away


We all know that at some point in time, we have watched a cricket game and most likely rooted for the underdog. The underdogs who are up against the world-beaters; those who don’t give up no matter what odds they face. This list is about those cricketers who never got their fair chance to shine in international cricket or just faded away into obscurity.

This article lists five Indian cricketers whose careers were cut short due to various reasons like poor form or lack of opportunities to play internationally. Their talent was evident from the beginning but it wasn’t enough to sustain their career as they failed to find themselves among India’s senior team.

Unmukt Chand

After leading India to victory in the 2012 U-19 World Cup, Unmukt Chand was thought to be headed for greatness. He was dubbed the “next Virat Kohli”. He scored an unbeaten century in the U19 World Cup finals. Every expert and cricket fan rated Chand, and it appeared just a matter of time until he played for India.

Unfortunately for Chand, things did not quite materialize as he had hoped. His performances in domestic cricket and the IPL have been woeful. He has only managed to score 300 runs in 21 IPL matches, with an average of 15 and a strike rate of 100. Even in First-class cricket, he has only managed to score 3184 runs in 60 games at an average of 34.23.

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