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Top 10 Super Hot Wives of England Cricketers


Hot Wives of England Cricketers: WAGs is a term that was first coined in England. A term used in 2006 became a commonly used acronym in sports. All the major games have started using the abbreviation whereas all the media houses and fans have begun focusing on these better halves of players. Cricket, the national sport of England is no further from the trend. Particular focus is given on these ladies, and they are almost always in the news. Let us take a look at top ten hot wives of England cricketers

Carrie Root Joe Root wife
Carrie Root often finds a spot in several tabloids due to her Instagram pictures. Wanderlust, she has traveled half the World and the English star, Joe Root accompanies her in most of the explorations. Carrie started dating Joe in 2014, and the couple married four years later in 2018. The duo looks a happy couple and time and again make us jealous of their chemistry.

Daniella Anderson James Anderson wife
James Anderson is one of those players who was always in the news due to his personal life in the initial phase of his career. He was compared to some of the most prominent personalities in England, including the infamous David Beckham. So when he started dating a model, Daniella, many thought of it as a mere fling. However, the couple married in 2006 and James has never looked happier. The duo paints the perfect picture of a married couple and James fully credits Daniella. Daniella arguably is the first of many WAGs of English Cricket.

Elle Winter Jason Roy wife
Married to Jason Roy, Elle could easily be one of the nominees of the hottest moms in England. She is often spotted enjoying with her baby. Elle has always supported her husband is one of his most significant support systems. The couple tied the knot in 2017 and seemed destined for a forever life together.

Tara Ridgway Eoin Morgan wife
The first lady of English Cricket, Tara Ridgway married Eoin Morgan in 2018. The couple met in 2010 in Australia when Tara was only 17 years old. It won’t be wrong to say that Tara proved extremely lucky for Morgan. When the couple met, Morgan was on the verge of making his debut of England team after moving from Ireland. Well, Morgan never looked back, and even Tara moved to England to be with Morgan. Tara is successful in her career works in PR for a renowned fashion brand in England.

Sarah Wood Mark Wood wife
Mark Wood has established his place in the English cricket team. The cricket star was supported by Sarah who joined her other half in several tours. The couple married in 2018.

Emeleah Erb Liam Plunkett wife
Emeleah Erb married Liam in 2018. She is one of those WAGs who keep a shallow profile, and information on her is scarce. However, sources reveal that she is a primary supporting system for the seam bowler.


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