WATCH: Rohit Sharma recalls hilarious incident when Shikhar Dhawan surprised Tamim Iqbal with his singing

Updated on: Jun 6, 2020 12:14 pm IST

Rohit Sharma shared Dhawan singing story

The lockdown has been lifted in some parts of the world and the cricket boards are trying to revive the game as soon as possible with the West Indies scheduled to tour England will be the resumption of cricket after a long break which will be a historic moment for sure.

The players who are already fed up of not being able to touch the bat or ball for such a long period of time have no other go but to engage in social media with their colleagues to keep themselves motivated which also gives some gala time for their followers. The India vice captain in Rohit Sharma shared a very interesting story when he spoke with the Indian first choice opener in tests in Mayank Agarwal.

He started singing very loudly- Rohit Sharma

One of the greatest white ball openers and the #2 batsman in ODIs in Rohit Sharma made his appearance in a live session with Mayank Agarwal in which he shared an interesting news about Shikhar Dhawan that happened 5 years ago

We were playing in Bangladesh in 2015 as I was standing in the first slip and Shikhar was in third slip. Suddenly he started singing very loudly. The bowler was already in his run up and the batsman, Tamim Iqbal, was left amazed. He didn’t understand where the noise was coming from. It might not sound as funny right now but when it happened on the field we couldn’t control our laughter, it was really funny


Rohit Sharma-The opener in tests

The destructive batsman in Rohit Sharma has proved himself as an legendary opener in the white ball cricket but he will be itching to prove himself in the toughest format of the game in tests as well. He started his career as an opener in tests in a very dramatic fashion with successful outings against South Africa and Bangladesh in India but his real test will be against the Australians later this year when India tours down under.

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