Which opening batsman has scored most runs for India in ODI?

Updated on: Sep 5, 2022 10:53 am IST

  • Most runs as an opener for India in ODI

    Indian cricket has been blessed with many high quality opening batsmen that have taken the game of cricket to new heights. The likes of Sachin Tendulkar, Sourav Ganguly, Virender Sehwag, Rohit Sharma and many others have contributed significantly to the team at the top.

    Opening batsman with most runs for India in ODI

    Player Innings opened  Runs  Average  Hundreds  Fifties 
    1. Sachin Tendulkar 340 15310 48.30 49 96
    2. Sourav Ganguly 236 9146 41.57 19 58
    3. Rohit Sharma 147 7409 57.56 27 33
    4. Virender Sehwag 212 7240 36.50 14 35
    5. Shikhar Dhawan 153 6574 45.97 17 38

    There’s no doubt which opening batsman has scored the most runs for India in ODI. Batting great Sachin Tendulkar tops the chart with 15310 runs to his name at the top of the order. Not only for India but he’s also regarded as the best opener in ODI. Batting at the top, the former Indian skipper has also smashed a record of 49 hundred to go with 96 half-centuries.

    Former Indian skipper Sourav Ganguly, who is regarded as one of the finest, is a second-opening batsman who has scored the most runs for India in ODI. He has amassed 9146 runs at an average of 41.57 to go along with 19 hundred and 58 half-centuries. He along with Tendulkar had many memorable opening partnerships.

    Current Indian skipper Rohit Sharma, who is these days considered one of the best openers in all formats, has scored third highest runs for India as an opener in ODI and is still going strong. Currently, the right-hander has 7409 runs in 147 innings at staggering innings of 57.56. Also, he has 27 hundred and 33 half-centuries batting at the top of the order.

    Virender Sehwag, who was mostly known for his aggressive style of play is the fourth-opening batsman who has scored the most runs for India in ODIs. The right-hander scored 7240 runs at a decent average of 36.50 to go with 14 centuries and 35 half-centuries.

    Shikhar Dhawan is fifth on the list of openers who has scored the most runs for India in ODI. He has 6574 runs and the number is expected to rise in chunks as he’s currently playing the ODI series against Zimbabwe. The opener has also smashed 17 hundred along with 38 half-centuries at an average of above 45.

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