World Cup Winners List: ODI World Cup Winner and Runner up from 1975 to 2023

Updated on: Nov 19, 2023 9:17 pm IST

World Cup Winners List

Australia are the winner of ODI World Cup 2023 and India are the runner up. 

The first edition of ODI World Cup took place in 1975 in England. It started with 60-over per inning and played with white jerseys. West Indies won the first-ever edition in 1975 by beating Australia in the final. 4 years later in 1983, they defended their title by beating England in the final.

In the third edition, India stopped West Indies from completing a hat-trick of the World Cup and won their first-ever title. In 1987, the event was co-hosted by India and Pakistan, the matches were reduced to 50-over per inning from 60 per inning.

Australia and New Zealand co-hosted the competition in 1992. This edition saw many changes in this tournament. There were changes like coloured clothing, the games played with the white ball, day-night matches, etc. Australia won their first-ever World Cup in 1987 before Pakistan won it in 1992.

World Cup Winners List: ODI World Cup Winners and Runner Ups

No. Year Winner Hosting Country Runner-up
1. 1975 West Indies England Australia
2. 1979 West Indies England England
3. 1983 India England West Indies
4. 1987 Australia India and Pakistan England
5. 1992 Pakistan Australia and New Zealand England
6. 1996 Sri Lanka Pakistan, India & Sri Lanka Australia
7. 1999 Australia England Pakistan
8. 2003 Australia South Africa India
9. 2007 Australia West Indies Sri Lanka
10. 2011 India India and Bangladesh Sri Lanka
11. 2015 Australia Australia and New Zealand New Zealand
12 2019 England England and Wales New Zealand
13 2023 Australia India India

ODI World Cup returned to the subcontinent again, with India, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka co-hosting it in 1996 where Sri Lanka won a historic triumph. Australia’s domination in the World Cup began as they won the first of three consecutive World Cups. Three years later, the tournament went back to Europe and the UK. Then, in 2003, it was held in Africa for the first time.

In 2007, the West Indies hosted the competition. Finally, in 2011, India, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh jointly hosted it. In 2015, Australia and New Zealand co-hosted the ICC World Cup for the second time, the first time since 1992. 4 years later, England once again hosted the tournament after a gap of two decades. And now India, for the first time as a single nation hosting the multinational tournament.

Australia are the most successful side in the history of the ICC ODI World Cup, having won it 6 times. Only the West Indies and India have won multiple ODI World Cup titles apart from Australia. Both India and West Indies have won the trophy twice. The other ODI World Cup winners are Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and England.

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