Not Sachin; Kohli will be remembered as greatest ODI player: Dean Jones

Published on: Jan 20, 2019 3:03 pm IST|Updated on: Jan 20, 2019 3:03 pm IST

The question who is better, Sachin or Kohli is always making rounds on social media and now former Aussie player Dean Jones has shared his opinion on this issue. He feels that Virat Kohli will become the greatest ODI player of all time and will eclipse Sachin Tendulkar.


Jones feels Kohli is better than Sachin

The former Aussie batsman showered praise on the Indian captain in a column written for an English newspaper. He stated that Virat Kohli is such a magnificent player and he gets the feeling, with all due respect to Sachin Tendulkar, that he will be known as the greatest One-day player of all time.


Dean Jones showers praise on Kohli

Jones explained Kohli’s greatness by pointing out at his numbers. He said that 32 of Virat Kohli’s 39 hundreds in One-day cricket have come in a winning cause. He noted that the Indian captain now has 11 international hundreds in Australia, the most in all formats by visiting batsmen.

Sachin scored 49 international hundreds in his international career that spanned for more than two decades while Kohli has so far managed to get 39 hundreds and he looks good to play for another few years.

The pace at which the Indian captain is scoring runs is phenomenal and if he sticks to this pace then he will very quickly surpass Sachin’s records and he also doesn’t have any competition from his peers as well.


Jones impressed by Karthik and Dhoni

At the same time, Jones lauded praise on MS Dhoni and Dinesh Karthik. He wrote that we saw a wonderful little cameo by Dinesh Karthik at the end in Adelaide.

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He feels that Dhoni is just a marvel and what people don’t understand about him is that he gets it. He understands the heartbeat of ODI cricket and he reads the game so, so accurately.

Jones feels that Dhoni does what needs to be done and then makes sure he brings in the other part of the orchestra, like Karthik, to get the tempo up.




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