Most Sixes in IPL by Team 2022

Published on: Mar 7, 2023 10:40 am IST|Updated on: Mar 7, 2023 10:41 am IST

most sixes in ipl by team 2022

In the game of cricket, hitting sixes is one of the most exciting aspects for both players and fans. A six is scored when the batsman hits the ball over the boundary line without it touching the ground. It is a difficult task for the batsman as they need to time the ball perfectly and hit it with enough power to clear the boundary.

In the Indian Premier League (IPL), hitting sixes is an essential part of a team’s strategy to score big runs and win matches. Teams with aggressive batting styles and big hitters often hit the most sixes in a tournament. The table provided in the question shows the number of sixes hit by each team in IPL 2022, which is an indicator of their batting performance in the tournament.

Most Sixes in IPL by Team 2022

Here’s a table that shows the number of matches played by each team in IPL 2022 and Most Sixes in IPL by Team 2022

Team Matches Sixes
Rajasthan Royals 17 137
Lucknow Super Giants 15 115
Kolkata Knight Riders 14 113
Punjab Kings 14 110
Delhi Capitals 14 106
Chennai Super Kings 14 103
Royal Challengers 16 102
Mumbai Indians 14 100
Sunrisers Hyderabad 14 0
Gujarat Titans 16 79

It is clear from the table that Rajasthan Royals hit the most sixes in IPL 2022, with a total of 137. They played 17 matches in the tournament, which is more than any other team, and their aggressive batting style clearly paid off in terms of sixes.

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Lucknow Super Giants come in second with 115 sixes in 15 matches, which is an impressive feat. Kolkata Knight Riders and Punjab Kings are close behind with 113 and 110 sixes respectively.

Delhi Capitals, Chennai Super Kings, and Royal Challengers all hit over 100 sixes in the tournament, while Mumbai Indians hit exactly 100. Sunrisers Hyderabad hit the fewest sixes with a total of 0, which is surprising given that they have a strong batting lineup.

Overall, the number of sixes hit by a team in IPL 2022 is a good indicator of their aggressive batting style and ability to score big runs. Rajasthan Royals clearly dominated in this area, and it will be interesting to see if they can maintain their aggressive form in future IPL tournaments.

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