Ravichandran old photos: The life of one of the most celebrated cricketers in Indian cricket team

Published on: Mar 13, 2023 2:44 pm IST|Updated on: Mar 13, 2023 2:44 pm IST

ravichandran old photos

Ravichandran Ashwin is one of the most celebrated cricketers in the Indian cricket team. Born on September 17, 1986, in Chennai, Ashwin’s full name is Ravichandran Ashwin. He is known for his impressive skills as an off-spinner and his contributions to the Indian cricket team. However, beyond his cricketing career, Ashwin has an interesting personal life that many may not know about.

Family Background:

R Ashwin hails from a middle-class Tamil family. His father, Ravichandran, worked as a transport company supervisor, while his mother, Chitra, was a home-maker. Ashwin has an older brother, who is also a cricketer and played for Tamil Nadu in the Ranji Trophy. Ashwin’s family had a deep interest in cricket, and both the brothers were encouraged to pursue the sport from a young age.


Education has always been an important aspect of Ashwin’s life. Despite his passion for cricket, he completed his graduation in Engineering from Sri Sivasubramaniya Nadar College of Engineering. His academic achievements are commendable as he was a bright student during his school days. Ashwin’s focus on education is an inspiring story for all the aspiring cricketers who tend to sideline their studies.

Personal Life:

Ashwin married Prithi Narayanan in November 2011, and the couple has two daughters. Prithi Narayanan, Ashwin’s wife, is a software engineer and runs a blog called “Indian Mankad” where she shares insights into the life of a cricketer’s wife. She also runs a podcast with her husband called “The Legend of R Ashwin,” where they discuss cricket and life beyond the sport.

Ashwin’s interests go beyond cricket, and he is an avid reader and music lover. He is also known for his love for cooking and is often seen sharing his culinary creations on social media. His Instagram profile is a testimony to his multifaceted personality and his love for the finer things in life.

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Charitable Work:

Ashwin has been actively involved in various charitable activities, and his contributions to society are commendable. He launched a foundation called “Ashwin Foundation” that aims to provide education to underprivileged children. The foundation also provides relief aid during natural calamities and works towards women’s empowerment.

Apart from his foundation, Ashwin also actively participates in various social campaigns, including the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, and supports various charities through his social media platform.

Ravichandran old photos

Let’s look at some Ravichandran old photos

wife of R Ashwin

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