Virat Cover Drive: The Masterful Virat Kohli Cover Drive. Stroke of a Genius

Updated on: Mar 18, 2023 10:21 am IST

Virat cover drive

Virat Kohli, the Indian cricket team’s captain, is a batting sensation who is known for his flamboyant cover drives. Kohli’s cover drive is one of the most elegant shots in cricket, and it has become his signature stroke. In this article, we will take a closer look at Virat Kohli’s cover drive, its technique, and its impact on his batting career.

Batting Career Summary

Before we delve into Kohli’s cover drive, let us first take a look at his impressive batting career. Kohli has played 108 Test matches, 272 One Day Internationals (ODIs), and 115 T20 Internationals (T20Is) for India. He has scored 8416 runs in Tests at an average of 48.93, 12813 runs in ODIs at an average of 57.46, and 4008 runs in T20Is at an average of 52.74. Kohli has scored 28 Test centuries, 46 ODI centuries, and 1 T20I century in his career so far. He is also the fastest batsman to reach 8000, 9000, 10000, and 11000 runs in ODIs.

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Here is the table for Virat Kohli’s batting career summary in Test, ODI, and T20I formats:

Format Matches Innings Not Out Runs High Score Average Balls Faced Strike Rate 100s 200s 50s 4s 6s
Test 108 183 11 8,416 254 48.93 15,211 55.33 28 7 28 941 24
ODI 272 263 40 12,813 183 57.46 13,669 93.74 46 0 64 1,205 138
T20I 115 107 31 4,008 122 52.74 2,905 137.97 1 0 37 356 117

Technique of Virat Kohli’s Cover Drive

The cover drive is a shot played on the off-side, where the batsman leans forward and drives the ball towards the extra-cover region. It is considered one of the most challenging shots to play in cricket, as it requires the batsman to time the ball perfectly and hit it with the right amount of force. However, Virat Kohli has mastered the art of playing the cover drive with ease and elegance.

Kohli’s technique while playing the cover drive is flawless. He has excellent balance while playing the shot and always keeps his head straight and eyes on the ball. Kohli’s stance is also perfect for playing the cover drive. He stands with his front foot pointing towards the bowler and his back foot perpendicular to the crease. This stance allows him to move his front foot towards the ball and bring his bat down in a straight line, hitting the ball with maximum force and precision.

Impact of Virat Kohli Cover Drive on his Batting Career

Kohli’s cover drive has been a crucial weapon in his batting arsenal, and he has used it to great effect in his career so far. He has scored a significant portion of his runs through the cover drive and has been able to hit even the best of bowlers for boundaries using this shot. Kohli’s cover drive has helped him dominate the opposition bowlers and put them under pressure, which has resulted in many victories for India.

Kohli’s cover drive has also helped him score runs in different conditions and against different types of bowlers. He has played this shot with equal ease on fast and bouncy pitches as well as on slow and low pitches. Kohli has also used the cover drive to counter the spinners, who are generally considered to be the toughest to score against in cricket.

Kohli cover drive has also been instrumental in his success in limited-overs cricket. He has scored more than 12,000 runs in ODIs, and the cover drive has been his go-to shot in this format. Kohli’s ability to hit the cover drive with ease and elegance has made him one of the most successful ODI batsmen of all time.

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In conclusion, Virat Kohli’s cover drive is a thing of beauty, and it has become his signature shot. Kohli’s flawless technique and excellent balance while playing the shot have made it one of the most lethal strokes in cricket. His cover drive has been instrumental in his success in all formats of the game and has helped him dominate the opposition bowlers and score runs in different conditions. Kohli’s cover drive has also been a source of inspiration for young cricketers who aspire to become like him.

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