Virat Kohli Interview: Accepting Failures and Congratulating Surya Kumar Yadav

Published on: Mar 19, 2023 10:18 am IST|Updated on: Mar 19, 2023 10:18 am IST

Virat Kohli Interview

After India’s victory over Sri Lanka in the first ODI, Surya Kumar Yadav interviewed Virat Kohli, the 73rd international century maker. The interview was a heart-to-heart conversation between the two players who are currently playing at a different level. The camaraderie, mutual respect, and show of affection between them were evident throughout the interview.

Virat Kohli Interview: How Did Virat Kohli Bounce Back from Slump?

Surya Kumar Yadav asked Virat Kohli how he bounced back from his slump. Kohli replied that he did so by accepting his failures. He said that he was getting frustrated every second and feeling creepy every moment. This was unfair to the people who were close to him, including his wife Anushka and his loved ones. Once he realized this and accepted his failures, he took two steps back and refreshed himself before the Asia Cup. This change in his approach helped him to overcome his slump.

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Kohli Congratulates Surya Kumar Yadav on His Performance

During the interview, Virat Kohli also congratulated Surya Kumar Yadav on his performance. He said that Surya was playing at a different level and had created a new template for world cricket. He also noted that people were loving him and he hoped that this would continue. Kohli was impressed by what Surya was doing on the field, and his admiration for him was evident in his words.

Earlier, after Surya’s third T20I century, Kohli wasted no time in congratulating him. Surya had scored a sensational 112 not out off 51 balls. Kohli had posted a picture of Surya on his Instagram story, along with two fire emojis and two applauding emojis. Surya was over the moon when he realized that he was congratulated by none other than King Kohli himself.

In a video shared by the BCCI, Surya Kumar Yadav was seen reading Kohli’s message, after which he replied back to it. He said, “Oh baba, look who has posted a story!” He then replied to Kohli’s message, saying, “Bhau, bohot saara pyaar. See you soon (Brother, lots of love. See you soon!)”

Implications of the Interview

The interview between Virat Kohli and Surya Kumar Yadav has several implications for cricket fans. First, it shows that even the best players go through slumps and failures. However, what sets them apart is their ability to accept their failures and bounce back from them. This is an important lesson for young players who may be struggling with their form.

Second, the interview highlights the importance of camaraderie and mutual respect among players. It is heartening to see that even though Kohli and Surya are competitors on the field, they have a deep respect for each other. This is a positive sign for the future of cricket, as it shows that players can compete fiercely on the field while maintaining a sense of camaraderie and mutual respect off it.

Finally, the interview shows that cricket is more than just a sport. It is a way of life, and players are not just competitors, but also friends, mentors, and role models. This is evident in the way Kohli and Surya interacted during the interview, and it is a reminder that cricket is more than just a game.

Final thoughts

The interview between Virat Kohli and Surya Kumar Yadav was a heart-to-heart conversation between two of the most exciting batsmen in world cricket. Kohli’s candid admission about how he bounced back from his slump, as well as his praise for Yadav’s performances, was a testament to the mutual respect and camaraderie between the two players.

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Yadav’s rise to fame has been meteoric, and his fearless and attacking batting style has made him one of the most exciting young talents in world cricket. With Kohli’s support and guidance, there is no doubt that Yadav has the potential to become one of the greats of the game.

Overall, the interview was a great insight into the mindset of two of the best players in the world, and it showed that even the greatest players go through ups and downs in their careers.

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