Which batsman has smashed the most sixes in IPL history? Check details

Published on: Mar 13, 2023 12:50 pm IST|Updated on: Mar 13, 2023 12:50 pm IST

Most sixes in IPL history

As the highly anticipated IPL 2023 approaches, cricket fans are eagerly anticipating another thrilling season. As we look back at the history of the tournament, it’s no surprise that West Indies legend Chris Gayle holds the record for the most number of sixes. Gayle has hit a staggering 357 sixes in the IPL from 142 games, making him the only player to hit more than 300 sixes in the tournament’s history and also most sixes in IPL history.

Most sixes in IPL history

In second place on the list is another great of the game, South African AB de Villiers, who has hit 251 sixes. De Villiers is widely regarded as one of the most innovative and talented batsmen in the world, and his hard-hitting ability has been on display throughout his IPL career. With Gayle and de Villiers leading the way, the IPL has seen some of the most explosive and entertaining batting performances in the history of the game.

1. Chris Gayle

The undisputed king of sixes in the IPL is the West Indian cricketing sensation, Chris Gayle. He holds the record for hitting the most number of sixes in the tournament, with an incredible 357 sixes to his name. His powerful hitting prowess has earned him the nickname of “Universe Boss”, and rightfully so.

Gayle is widely regarded as one of the most intimidating batsmen in the IPL, thanks to his ability to hit the ball out of the park with ease. He has played for two teams in the IPL – the Royal Challengers Bangalore and the Punjab Kings – and has been a key player for both franchises.

2. AB de Villiers

AB de Villiers, the South African cricketing icon, is well-known as “Mr. 360” for his incredible ability to hit sixes all around the ground. He is widely regarded as one of the most dangerous batsmen in the IPL, capable of single-handedly winning matches for his team.

De Villiers holds the second place in the list of most sixes in IPL history, having scored an impressive total of 251 sixes. With his exceptional talent and impressive track record, de Villiers is sure to be a major threat to the opposition teams in the tournament. His ability to score runs quickly and his aggressive batting style make him a fan favorite.

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3. Rohit Sharma

The Mumbai Indians’ captain, Rohit Sharma, is considered one of the most successful captains in the history of the IPL tournament, having led his team to a remarkable five IPL titles. Sharma is a highly respected player in the IPL and is known for his excellent leadership skills and his aggressive batting style.

In the IPL, Sharma has been in top form, and he has been one of the most prolific batters in the competition. He is known for his ability to hit sixes at will, and his performances on the field have made him a fan favorite.

Sharma has scored an impressive total of 240 sixes in the IPL, which ranks him third among all IPL players in terms of the most sixes scored. His incredible hitting ability, combined with his captaincy skills, has made him one of the most valuable players in the IPL.

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4. MS Dhoni

MS Dhoni, the legendary Indian cricket team skipper, has made a significant impact on the Indian Premier League. He is known for his exceptional leadership skills and his impressive performance in the tournament. He is ranked fourth in the number of sixes in IPL history.

Under his captaincy, the Chennai Super Kings (CSK) have won four championships, making them one of the most successful teams in the IPL. Dhoni’s leadership skills and ability to read the game have been crucial to CSK’s success in the tournament.

One of the highlights of the IPL over the years has been Dhoni’s ability to hit sixes. He is known for his incredible power hitting and has the ability to hit the ball out of the park in any situation. In 234 games, he has hit 229 sixes, which is a testament to his remarkable ability as a batsman.


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