Diego Maradona wants to coach Argentina once again, for free!

Updated on: Jul 5, 2018 7:32 pm IST

This world cup could be the last one for most of the football stars like Messi, Ronaldo, Iniesta or Neuer and the time had come when once again fans started thinking about their team’s future in world cup without their shines. Mainly, Argentina will be affected by Messi’s retirement from the football as they got knocked out by France 4-3 in the round of 16 worst condition than 2010 World Cup under Diego Maradona . After their shock exit, critics started pointing out Lionel Messi’s out of color display and his coach Jorge Sampaoli for the poor performance of the team. Messi is yet to decide for his future, but Sampaoli is under tremendous pressure from all quarters according to the media reports, Sampaoli will step down as the coach within this week. But he is not pressurised to do so by AFA or the team. He has taken this decision because of fans aggression and team’s rebel against him.

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After all this drama in the Argentinean locker room, the legendary former captain of Argentina, Diego Maradona offered AFA to coach the team once again for free. Maradona had coached the Argentinean team from 2008-2010 but he was unable to make Argentina the World Champion, he was sacked by AFA, and now he wants to become the boss once again. In an interview on television, Maradona stated that “I would return to leading the national team and I would do it for free, I wouldn’t ask for anything in return,” he said it is painful to see the current condition of my national team.

According to the media reports, AFA will have to pay 15 million US dollars (12.9 million euros) to Sampaoli over tearing up the contract four years before. The reason behind sacking him would be the lack of support from the players over team selection and the rebels within the team led by the Star captain Lionel  Messi.

“I’m 57, watching my country, which was beaten by a team that isn’t one of the best in the world — it hurts to see everything that we’ve built got destroyed so easily.” Said Diego Maradona.


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