FIFA World Cup 2018: Know how an Indian boy created history in Russia

Updated on: Jun 19, 2018 1:56 pm IST

Remember the name Rishi Tej is an Indian boy who got shortlisted by KIA Motors official partner of FIFA to offer the match ball on Monday when Belgium and Panama were ready to take on each other. He is designated OMBC (Official Match ball Carriers) of the match. Rishi became the first-ever Indian ball- boy who got the chance of representing the official match ball to the ground before live action.

Image Credit: @Twitter

Along with Rishi, Tamil Nadu’s 11- year-old girl Nathania opted for the same when Brazil will play Costa-Rica. They both showed their football skills in an event organised by KIA Motors and honoured to represent the official match ball on the grounds of Russia from India. In an interview, Rishi said that he was excited and lost his sleep weeks before, “ I am so excited, you cannot measure it even. It is like I am still dreaming. In Russia, I want to live every moment. During the match, I don’t want to enjoy but analyse how they play.”

Image Credit: @FIFA

While Nathania said, “We had to upload a video in which we had to be in action for 30 seconds. Out of 1500 kids, I got shortlisted to 50, then to last six and now final two. The thought of walking on to the pitch is not affecting me too much right now. I am excited, but I don’t want to overdo it. I don’t know if I would get the autographs, but the vision will always stay with me.”

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