Watch: Deschamps’ Shah Rukh Khan inspired speech before World Cup final

Updated on: Jul 20, 2018 7:45 pm IST

Remember the speech of Shahrukh Khan of 70 minutes! In the movie Chak de India! There he was the coach of Indian women hockey team, and he gave a speech before the match to motivate his team but who knows that Deschamps will also get inspired by the king of Bollywood!. It was FIFA World Cup 2018 final when France and Croatia locked horns at the Moscow’s Luzhniki Stadium (biggest European sports Arena). France was leading against Croatia by 2-1, but Deschamps didn’t want to take any risk to leak the golden chance of winning the world cup for the second time in history. 45 minutes were left, but they are enough to change the fate of Croats after all you have a team like Croatia in opposition, and they are capable enough to change their fate.


45 minutes! You know what’s next!

Deschamps came up with a speech which turned the team up. Deschamps stood up in the locker room in front of all the players and said, “Listen up! Did you see? They’re using their elbows, their bodies…the guy facing away, he’s facing away! He’s facing away. Facing away from goal, he’s not gonna hurt us. Don’t bother getting in front. We’re controlling him. What are they doing? They’re mostly looking for, except the diagonal from time to time. They’re looking for Mandzukic straight away. Manzukic heads it, chests it, or deviates it. Be careful around him. Mandzukic can still win the ball with his head, just be careful around him. Not to be static, to already be on the move. Close him down. Do not make it harder for yourself nor for the country. They come they’re aggressive you’ve all seen the energy they’re giving. Play as simple as possible. When you have the ball, give it, if someone is on you, there’s another one coming. Give it as soon as you can. Give it to Mbappe. Antoine come down a bit during counters. You are staying up next to the attackers. We need you to be an option.”
Wasn’t it too Shahrukh Khan thing?

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