Monopoly Game Rules: All you need to Know

Published on: Apr 10, 2023 9:58 pm IST|Updated on: Apr 10, 2023 9:58 pm IST

Monopoly is a classic board game popular among all ages, consisting of youngsters and elders. It is a game of two to eight players where every player aims to buy the most properties and let their competitors go bankrupt.

If you are a novice player, read this article, as it tells you how to set up a Monopoly game and how to do its gameplay. Stay with us until its conclusion.

How to Setup Monopoly Game

Before going into the gameplay of Monopoly, understand how to establish it. That point is important to enjoying this game and adhering to its gameplay rules. There are a few points to consider to organize players and others in the Monopoly game.

  • Select at least 2 and up to 8 players to start this Monopoly game.
  • Choose one player as a banker to manage money, houses, properties, and hotels belonging to the bank.
  • Unfold the Monopoly board and set the positions of the Chance and Community Chests.
  • Give a chance for each player to select a token to represent them.
  • Allocate every player $1500 to begin fulfilling their requirements.
  • Roll the dice to start the gameplay at the highest number.

How to play a Monopoly Game

The inception of a Monopoly game is very simple if you have gained some insight into how to begin your gaming session. Here is a description of such essential points:

  • Roll the dice and move your game piece in accordance with the number that comes up.
  • Analyze the space you landed on and purchase it, rent it, or pass it for auction.
  • Buy an unowned property when you land.
  • A bank will auction off the property if you choose not to buy it.
  • Collect rent when you possess a property; otherwise, pay rent to the one who owns it.
  • Purchase all the properties in a colored group to get your monopoly.
  • Construct houses on the properties of your monopoly to earn their rents.
  • Convert your house into a hotel to get more rent.
  • See what your luck is in the Chance and Community Chest.
  • Try to make a deal with other players at any time to earn more profits.
  • You can mortgage property to a banker if you cannot pay taxes or rent.
  • Leave a game space if you go bankrupt, or stay in it until you win or lose.
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