PUBG Redeem Code Today 24 December 2021: Unlock Free Emoticons

Updated on: Dec 24, 2021 8:41 am IST

  • PUBG Redeem Code Today 24 December

    PUBG Redeem Code Today 24 December 2021: These codes used once on a particular date. After that, the codes will get expired. However, if the  number of maximum redemption reached, the redeem code today might stop working. Use the redeem codes today and unlock resources. Otherwise, it is too hard to get in the game. So, don’t miss to check our articles. PUBG redeem codes are 12-digit codes contains letters and numbers that are used to purchase premium items in the PUBG Mobile game. The premium items like costumes, gun skins, vehicle skins, loot crates, and other items. Use the redeem codes today and unlock resources. Otherwise, it is too hard to get in the game. So, don’t miss to check our articles.

    PUBG game was removed from Google Play Store, and users need to download the game from third-party sites. Interested players can use these redeem codes on the official website of PUBG Mobile (use VPN). Players who are looking for the latest redeem codes. You are at the right place. We keep refreshing new codes daily to let the players avail in-game items. These codes help players to earn legendary outfits, gun skins, and more.

    PUBG Redeem Codes Procedure

    PUBG Redeem Code Today 24 December

    • Open the PUBG Redemption center on their official website.
    • However, players need to fill a form like entering their Character ID, Redeem Code, and Captcha Verification Code. Then click on the yellow-colored ‘REDEEM’
    Game Name PUBG
    Launch Date December 20, 2017
    Company Name PUBG Corporation
    pubg rendeem code Available
    Rewards You can buy new weapons, Skins, UCs for free.
    Redemption Center
    Category Battle Royal

    PUBG Redeem Code Today 24 December 2021

    Motor Vehicle Skin 23RLB9R2LRL4
    350 UC D6C5237G45
    Pan with Golden Color 2EHH5ZQ99A
    M416 Skin KUYDDQCJMW
    Scar L skin W97RQM86C8
    Legendary Outfit 8RL62UYACC
    UMP Gun Skin 975FFI94C2
    Car Skin C2GXEP85BP
    Parachute Skin SNE4YP2HKG
    Assassin Bottom & Assassin Suit KSMWNG6UYB
    Free 1300 Silver Fragments T4WD38NUIR
    Backpack Skin 84KLMENVWS
    Outfit B2SWUPKRHB
    Desert Ranger Set A23BB81BSM
    Kar 98K Sniper Gun Skin CFVG7B3AYG
    Set of Bumble Bee 8C53CHNNGC
    Free 900 UC 3CYPWE69QN
    Free Companion PNLF5VFNGG
    Free Emoticons KK6NHWQ26Y
    Free Room Cards 7683UBDDMM
    Free Rename Card SY6MCKASYV
    (Unknown) KHXL9WQ854
    Falcon V4S7HSCU69
    Motor Vehicle Skin KSWGENVBTJ
    Free Fireworks HL8VMBPH4Z
    Random Outfit CRQPK9LMJF
    Racer Set (Gold) P4MPAA34J7
    Stealth Brigade Set 8386D9PVWD
    Desert Ranger Set 966HAR78CH
    AK47 Gun Skin TD3LJ3TLUW
    AKM Glacier Skin9(white) UBC5235KS2
    Leo Set Legendary Outfit JR19VIQLEW
    Racer Set (Gold) NDKJR4156D
    Golden Pan QQCZT96865
    Get Free Companion J6G7MA8SVQKB
    Desert Ranger Set EEJSJV8A7T
    Bumble Bee Set 3DB43BWN45
    Unknown Gift CWLD2GCQJA
    Free rename card MNLLMDSSB8
    Pink Helmet UXYHV2JM7H
    Bike Skin EBEM9YPARP
    Desert Ranger Set 6GT8GHDE3Z
    Free Andy Character ENTX77N1WP
    Free Rename Card & Room Card 6E7P47JUD5
    1000 UC (Only for Lucky users) BHTV85M2ZL
    Random Gun Skins UDUSGJOO9F
    Premium Car Skin (For 3 days) 8YPKJVJB4N

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