A history of IPL campaigns

Updated on: Mar 20, 2018 6:09 pm IST

IPL Campaign

The alluring universe of IPL campaigns

The Indian Premier League started off as a tournament in 2008 but, it went on to become a saga that India chants in unison.

Touted as one of the most celebrated tournaments in the world, the IPL 11 would be back with a promise to be grander than its previous editions, all set to kick-start from 7 April 2018.

With auctions over and the schedules of the fixtures announced, IPL campaign is all set to the television sets. Ogilvy and Mather has already released the IPL “Best vs Best” and now it has launched Vivo IPL’s ‘Sher vs Sher’ campaign where the advertisement concludes when a tiger takes on the other tiger, it’s ultimately the ‘Tiger’ who wins.


From the high voltage dramatic inaugural campaign “Manoranjan ka Baap”, to the recent “Sher vs Sher”, IPL has witnessed many successful ad campaigns that have managed to leave an imprint on the audience. Let’s have a look at the IPL campaigns over the years:

Indian Premier League Season 1:

India embraces emotions- and when we get mellow drama, suspense and entertainment in one package, it’s a steal deal! The first edition of IPL ad campaign promised it all.

Indian Premier League Season 2:

When the second edition of IPL coincided with the multi-phase Indian general elections, BCCI decided to host the second season in South Africa. The ad campaign of the second season celebrated the joy of cricket that is not restricted by geographical boundaries.

Indian Premier League Season 3:

When IPL returned to India, it aimed to make their homecoming a moment of reckoning. Putting patriotism and pride at the center, IPL ‘Sare Jahan se Acha’ evoked the sense of patriotism of the people.

Indian Premier League Season 4:

One of the funniest and satirical ads from IPL, that compared ‘Bharat Bandh’ of political parties with nation’s cricket vacation went on to become more successful than the ICC Cricket World Cup campaign.


The famous IPL tune was also launched in the fourth season.

Indian Premier League Season 5:

The commercial of the fifth season ‘Tashreef Tokra’ showed people carrying chairs and stop wherever they are to sit and watch their favourite game. ‘Aisa mauka aur kaha milega’ captured the spirit of a cricket fan which overshadows everything else.

Indian Premier League Season 6:

IPL collaborated with choreographer, Farah Khan for the sixth edition to raise the entertainment factor where she can be seen teaching dance steps to the fans.

‘Sirf dekhne ka Nhi’ was designed to engage the fans and get them aboard in the cricket frenzy.

Indian Premier League Season 7:

IPL had become a huge success by the seventh season. ‘Come on Bulava aaya hai’ showed a Bharatnatyam dancer running in sport shoes to watch the match and people rushing for the love of their favourite tournament.

Indian Premier League Season 8:

The whole country hummed ‘Ye hai India ka tyohaar’ when IPL launched its campaign for the eighth season promoting IPL as the festival that unites everyone.

Indian Premier League Season 9:

When the whole country was facing the ‘intolerance’, the IPL ad campaign of the nineth edition promoted ‘Ek India happy wala’ pushing for happiness, unity and harmony between all.

Indian Premier League Season 10:

When India’s favourite cricket league turned 10, celebrations were high. The “10 saal aapk naam” gave  a tribute to the Indian fans who have played a huge role in making the IPL successful.


This year, Vivo has roped in Superstar Aamir Khan to feature in Vivo’s IPL campaigns.

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