MU vs SK Dream11 Prediction NBL Live Fantasy Basketball Dream11 Team, Top Picks and Tips for Melbourne United vs Sydney Kings

Updated on: Oct 8, 2022 10:35 pm IST

  • MU vs SK Dream11

    MU vs SK Dream11: While it may not as be electric as the NBA, the NBL, the Australian Basketball scene is still loaded. We recently saw how one of the NBL squads, the Adelaide 36ers defeated the Phoenix Suns and put on a shooting exhibition. And there are even better squads than that team, but hey, it was Preseason so let us not make much of it. Anyway, in this game, Melbourne United will take on the Sydney Kings.

    The United had to scrape out their way against the New Zealand Breakers and ultimately prevailed 101:97 as Xavier Rathan-Mayes pumped in 33 points. On the other hand, the Kings put on an offensive show and won 100:90 against the Brisbane Bullets as Xavier Cooks rolled in 23 points.

    Home: Melbourne United
    Visitors: Sydney Kings
    Match Timing:
    9 October, @ 10:30 AM (+05:30 UTC)
    Venue: John Cain Arena

    MU vs SK Dream11 NBL Projections, Stats & Analysis

    The United were on fire from the three-point line in the last game and banged home 47% of their threes, making 18 of them. Xavier and Goulding made six each while David Barlow nailed three, Rayon two and Lachlan Barker one. The United were outrebounded 41-51 but committed six fewer turnovers but the made difference remained their three-point shooting as they made 10 more than the Breakers. Can the United do a much better job on the boards here?

    The Kings did most of their damage inside the three-point line, making 64% of their shots from that range. They were physical on the boards and extracted a 43-35 rebounding advantage. They were outgunned from the three-point line but their inside defense rescued them in the end. They forced 16 turnovers but yes, they shot merely 44% from the free-throw line which highlights their shooting concerns. Can they improve their shooting in this game?

    Melbourne United vs Sydney Kings NBL Live, Team News and Lineups

    Melbourne United Roster:

    United Expected Starters
    C: Isaac Humphries
    F: Jordan Caroline
    G: Xavier Rathan-Mayes
    G: Rayjon Tucker
    G: Chris Goulding

    BENCH: Zac Triplett, Brad Newley, Mukuach Maluach, Ariel Hukporti, David Barlow, David Okwera.

    Sydney Kings Roster:

    Kings Expected Starters
    C: Tim Soares
    F: Xavier Cooks
    G: Dejan Vasiljevic
    G: Justin Simon
    G: Derrick Walton Jr

    BENCH: Jordan Hunter, Shaun Bruce, Jackson Makoi, Iggy Mitchell, Kouat Nai.

    NBL Scores, Fantasy Basketball Top Picks

    Xavier Cooks(SK)
    Points: 23
    Rebounds: 11
    Assists: 03
    Blocks: 01
    Xavier is a strong low-block player and can also go big on the boards. I expect a 19-25 points and 9-14 rebounds range.

    Xavier Rathan-Mayes(MU)
    Points: 35
    Rebounds: 04
    Assists: 09
    Steals: 01
    Blocks: 01

    All-Around Xavier started his NBL campaign with a bang, has he taken another leap in his career? I expect 12-18 points, 6-9 rebounds, and 5-7 assists range. He can be selected as a Star/Pro Player in the Dream 11 Prediction scenario.

    Derrick Walton Jr.(SK)
    Points: 21
    Rebounds: 04
    Assists: 08
    Steals: 02

    Derrick was huge on the playmaking end, feeding it constantly to Xavier, and also making key shots. I expect a 13-19 points and 6-9 assists range.

    Chris Goulding(MU)
    Points: 24
    Rebounds: 03
    Assists: 02
    Steals: 02

    Chris is a wonderful three-point shooter and he can get hot quickly. I expect him to be in 18-25 points range.

    Justin Simon(SK)
    Points: 14
    Rebounds: 02
    Assists: 03
    Steals: 01
    Blocks: 01

    Justin was finding open lanes and was a huge difference-maker on the offensive end. I expect a 12-16 points range.

    Rayjon Tucker(MU)
    Points: 16
    Rebounds: 05
    Assists: 03
    Rayjon is an amazing scorer and he is one of the regular offensive threats. I believe he will be in 19-24 points and 4-6 assists range.

    Jordan Hunter(SK)
    Points: 11
    Rebounds: 04
    Assists: 00
    Jordan made four of his seven shots off-the-bench in the last game. I expect a 8-11 points and 3-5 rebounds ragne.

    Isaac Humphries(MU)
    Points: 08
    Rebounds: 06
    Assists: 00
    Center Isaac provides routine rebounding and also paint scoring. I believe he will be in 6-10 points nad 6-9 rebounds range.

    Tim Soares(SK)
    Points: 07
    Rebounds: 06
    Assists: 00
    Blocks: 02
    Soares was just 1/5 from three in the last game but made crucial plays as a rebounder and help defender.

    Jordan Caroline(MU)
    Points: 02
    Rebounds: 05
    Assists: 02
    Steals: 02
    Caroline is a serviceable rebounder with a penchant for scoring. I believe he will be in 6-12 points and 6-9 rebounds range.

    David Barlow(MU)
    Points: 09
    Rebounds: 03
    Assists: 01
    Steals: 01
    Barlow was on-point in the last game, making three outside shots.

    Kuat Noi(SK)
    Points: 13
    Rebounds: 02
    Assists: 00
    Noi made three triples off-the-bench.

    David Okwera(MU)
    Points: 06
    Rebounds: 03
    Assists: 00

    David gave solid minutes off-the-bench.

    Shaun Bruce(SK)
    Points: 01
    Rebounds: 02
    Assists: 01
    Shaun gives decent production off-the-bench.

    Lachlan Barker(MU)
    Points: 03
    Rebounds: 03
    Assists: 01
    Will Lachlan get 10+ minutes again?

    MU vs SK Dream11 Lineup

    PG: D Walton-Jr, X Rathan-Mayes(PP), C Goulding, J Simon
    SG: D Vasljevic
    SF: R Tucker
    PF: X Cooks(SP)
    C:  I Humphries

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