3 possible ending to AJ Styles-Nakamura WWE Title match

Updated on: Apr 6, 2018 6:03 pm IST

The Phenomenal One vs The King of Strong Style, AJ Styles vs  Shinsuke Nakamura. Two of the most respected, skilled and loved wrestlers in wrestling today. Fan who follow other wrestling promotions such as TNA, NJPW etc have heard and even seen these two incredible athletes put on some of the best wrestling in the business. A great example is their match at Wrestle Kingdom 10 for New Japan Pro Wrestling.

Ever since they joined the main roster and NXT, the fans have been patiently waiting for the two to cross paths and maybe have a match on the Grandest Stage of Them All. Now, that moment has come, the stage is Wrestlemania 34 and the title is the Smackdown Live Championship. Here are 3 possible endings to the match.

#3 Match Ends in Disqualification


If the WWE wants to make this rivalry longer and not change the champion right now, they can achieve that by ending the match in disqualifications. This can be in the form of interference by another wrestler or if either AJ or Nakamura turns heel and uses a weapon and gets disqualified.

A few wrestlers who can interfere are Dolph Ziggler or Baron Corbin. Both are underused and know it. Both believe they deserve to be the champion. If either runs in during the match, they can cause a disqualification if the attack AJ and have the match end with AJ still the Champion but the win will go to Nakamura.

#2 AJ Styles Retains


A good way to make both wrestlers look strong while having AJ retain the title is having him hurt before the match. He gets injured but still faces the King Of Strong Style and has a long 40-minute match and still wins. This will make AJ look really strong and give a good opportunity for a rematch.

#1 Shinsuke Nakamura Wins


Ever since he was called up to the main roster, the entire WWE universe has been waiting for Nakamura’s Wrestlemania moment. His big match and his big win and a big stage.

Mostly the fans are waiting for that huge moment when Nakamura’s music hits and the entire Wrestlemania audience starts singing his theme and that final Kinshasa and the pinfall for the victory.

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