Aleister Black returns to Smackdown, Targets BIG E

Updated on: May 24, 2021 2:01 am IST

Aleister Black returns to Smackdown

Following a series of four cryptic promos,  Aleister Black returns to Smackdown finally in the main event this week as he entered through smoke and almost knocked BIG E’s head off with his signature move, the Black Mass.

Aleister has had an up and down run with the WWE but does have a very strong fan base particularly as fans have been gravitated by his Dark and sinister persona and his tales of suffering from the chapters of his Dark Father.

Aleister Black Wife

He returned after he was last seen in October in a match against Kevin Owens on Raw after which he was drafted to Smackdown. There were reports of friction between him and WWE because of his wife’s revolt to the WWE banning Twitch accounts. His wife is the former WWE Superstar Zelina Vega who had been released last year but if recent reports are to be believed, she has been rehired. Zelina was involved earlier with the former superstar Andrade as his manager but off screen she is married to Aleister and it could be likely that she gets involved somewhere in the storyline. Aleister has undeniable skills in the ring and has put up some classics in NXT against the likes of Adam Cole.


Aleister Black Age

He is 34 and still has a long way to go. With a rivalry looming against Big E, it could be a war between the Dark world of Aleister Black and the Power of Positivity. Both of them are extremely gifted technicians and have had great matches in their time and a good feud here could lead to a major push for Aleister Black eventually leading to a possible feud with the top brass of WWE.

Aleister Black Theme Song

Aleister Black unlike the other larger than life characters in WWE such as the Fiend keeps his character extremely realistic and his darkness comes from a dark mental place rather than a supernatural influence. He has 53 tattoos on his body and recently shared his transformation story. He has been working really hard on himself. His theme song is also extremely popular and has over 11 million hits. So may be it is time to “Cull the herd” like he says.


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