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Amy Hussey – Michael Hussey Wife, Age, Profession, Photo, Biography


Amy Hussey is the wife of Michael Hussey. Amy Hussey hails from Australia. She is a very private person and not much is known about her.

Birthplace-  Australia

Religion- Christianity

Marital Status- Married

Husband- Michael Hussey, Australian Cricketer

Children- 4 (son-William Hussey, Oscar Hussey, and daughter-Jasmine Hussey, Molly Hussey)



Amy Hussey is married to Michael Hussey aka Mike Hussey also known as Mr. Cricketer. He is the former International Australian Cricketer. Michael Hussey started his cricket very late as compared to others at the age of 28 The couple has four children together, two girls and two boys. The sons are William Hussey and Oscar Hussey, and daughters are Jasmine Hussey and Molly Hussey. She is a very devoted wife and mother to their children.



Amy Hussey became popular after marrying his star cricketer husband, Michael Hussey. She is seen supporting her husband on and off the field. Also, you can see her accompanying her husband to various Cricketer tournaments, Cricket awards, events, parties, and other gatherings. She is also the inaugural ambassador of the Women and Infants Research Foundation along with her husband. This Foundation works to provide support and attention to parents who go through the pain of premature birth of their children. As Amy Hussey is one such parent who went through premature delivery of her two kids, she decided to work for others. She has recently joined Instagram and has 184 followers.

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