Glenn Maxwell Last 10 ODI Innings (Batting and Bowling)

Updated on: Oct 8, 2023 12:47 pm IST

Glenn Maxwell

Glenn Maxwell has been playing cricket for over a decade now, and his records have been quite impressive as to what he has done across the circuit. He has always been the fierce batter in the middle order of the team and now has been evolving as a very handy spinner for the team. Maxwell has been rolling his arms quite well, as he has been picking up wickets consistently.

The 34-year-old has shown his bowling skills in the recently concluded series against India and then in the warm-up games. He will be a vital part of the Australia’s squad basis on his experience and the variety he brings to this squad with his all-round performance and skills he brings with himself.

Glenn Maxwell Last 10 ODI Innings

Batting Bowling Opposition Ground Date
5 4/40 India Rajkot 15 Sep 2023
8 0/7 India Wankhede 9 Sep 2023
14 0/8 New Zealand Cairns 6 Sep 2023
25 0/9 New Zealand Cairns 3 Sep 2023
2 4/52 New Zealand Cairns 31 Aug 2023
19  DNB Zimbabwe Townsville 11 Jul 2023
DNB DNB Zimbabwe Townsville 8 Jul 2023
32* 0/19 Zimbabwe Townsville 5 Jul 2023
16 1/38 Sri Lanka Colombo 12 May 2023
1 1/49 Sri Lanka Colombo 9 May 2023

Maxwell has played 129 ODI games, and he has scored 3495 runs in them. Regarding his bowling, he has grabbed 64 wickets in them, which is decent, as he can be a good spinner who can handle the middle overs.

In the last 10 ODI games, Maxwell has picked up a 4-fer couple of times and has batted not just well in those innings, as we can see on the table above. He looked to have got his form back in the warm-up games, and will be eager to go for the big games, after him coming from an injury, which made him out of the squad for a good time, he will be looking to turn things around for his team and himself to make his mark.



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